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Monday, March 6, 2017

Solving Common Concerns About Eating Organic Food

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Solving Common Concerns About Eating Organic Food
Eating well is important for your family. As one of the few aspects of your health that you have control over, quality food allows you to monitor your intake of sugar, salt, fat, fiber, artificial dyes, and preservatives. While all food is made of chemicals, organic food provides a great way to avoid some chemicals and additives that may damage your health. Unfortunately, eating organic food can be difficult for many people. Below are some common concerns that people have about eating organic food.
Concern: Cost of Organic Grocery ShoppingFor many people, organic food takes a significant portion of their monthly budgets. An example of a mid-level organic food budget is described by Nourished Kitchen at $750/month for a family of three
This family describes their monthly shopping list, including items like raw milk and herd share cream, pasture raised eggs, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offerings of miscellaneous meats and offal, chickens, and fresh produce.
Managing these raw ingredients from different sources can be time-consuming and requires quite a bit of upfront planning. 
Concern: Food Preservation
In an episode of The Simpsons, Marge purchases a shopping cart full of organic food, which all goes bad before she has made it out of the checkout line. Organic food is well-known for having quick expiration dates.
While this quick expiration time means minimal preservatives in this healthy food, many people worry about food preservation and extra trips to the grocery store. Investing in something you may not get a chance to use can be difficult and expensive.
Concern: Meal Planning
As mentioned above, meal planning can be more difficult on a whole food, organic plan. You must purchase only what ingredients you can use while they are fresh, which makes stocking up difficult.
Most organic cooks plan ahead with meals for the week. This can be difficult for people with busy schedules. Unless you have the entire evening available on Sunday, and possibly skipping that Game of Thrones episode, pre-cooking and pre-planning meals can easily dissuade many people from making healthier food choices.
Concern: Culinary Skills
Organic cooking is often associated with strong culinary skills. Internet videos are great at showing how to turn zucchini into noodles or make children's lunches into smiling cartoon characters. 
The reality isn't quite so simple. Creating organic meals from scratch can be intimidating for those with only beginner or intermediate kitchen skills, not to mention — once again — time. Most people are looking for a balance between health and convenience. They are often intimidated by organic options.

Solution: Prepared, Freezer Preserved Organic Meals
All of these concerns have solutions. Organic Frozen Meals like those offered at Beetnik Foods provide a healthy alternative for you and your family, without the hassles often associated with eating organic food.
Prepared frozen meals are offered in whole eating combinations that give you a balanced diet in every bite. By sourcing entire meals from a single location, you'll eliminate trips to multiple stores and wasted foods that don't match your pantry.
Meal planning can be done in minutes with a selection of single-serve meals or variety packs. If you'd like to do some of the cooking yourself, try an organic, prepared sauce to add to your pasta or meatballs. Regardless of your culinary skill set, these tasty meals can be combined with your existing pantry ingredients, or quickly prepared from the freezer at home.
Even better, this freezer preservation lets you skip many chemicals and preservatives, without risking a shopping cart full of expiring produce. Beetnik Foods products are all sourced from humanely raised meats and organic, quality ingredients. In addition, these tasty items are all gluten-free!
Discover new varieties with simple online organic food shopping. Frozen items are shipped within one to five business days of placing your order and delivered by FedEx for speedy service and easy tracking. In addition, shipping on orders of $175 is free. Don't hesitate, and try it today!


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