As Seen Through the Eyes of a Baby

When you have a new baby, there are so many new things to learn and discover for the entire family! Every day holds a new and exciting set of challenges, triumphs, and discoveries. Parenthood is a journey for sure!

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One of the most exciting things about having a new baby is discovering with them! Vision Direct understands that, and to make the journey smoother, with less guesswork, they have launched a new tool to help new parents understand developing eyesight with new babies!

This tool was developed by opticians and allows parents to literally see through their babies eyes. You can shift between a newborns view and that of a one-year-old, which is pretty amazing!

Let me tell you a little more about this awesome tech tool for parents:

Input your child’s age and the tool will give you some idea of what your baby’s field of vision, depth perception and color awareness might be like.

As you move the slider, you’ll notice colors and objects become sharper. For instance, a newborn will see only black and white while a two-month-old will see only bright primary shades.

Vision Direct hopes parents can refer to this tool as their baby grows and use this resource to encourage healthy development.

As well as being the leading online retailer of contact lenses in Europe, Vision Direct is committed to being a leading resource for eye health and information.

This is a one of a kind glimpse into your developing child's eyes. I think that everyone needs to check this out, parents or not, simply to gain an understanding of what is going on with children. Understanding how they see the world is an amazing way to understand our own world, as well as how to make sure your child is stimulated in age-appropriate ways with color and texture.

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