If life's a beach, so would your home be. Expect witnessing sand not only outside the house everywhere inside the house too, in between the sheets, in the fruit baskets, spread all over the dining table glass top that you have just cleaned with all your might, on the curtains which when you draw them back in place give your eyes a challenge to not get irritated by the sand surprise and the wardrobe etc.
A home by the sea has its own aura, semblance and redolence that is found to be irresistible on many levels that is why a home by the sea is never boring or never makes you regret your decision. Do you dream of living at a serene place that’s as quiet as death at nights and is quite an opposite during the day with all its busy hustle and bustle, thrashing sound of waves throughout the day and night, get a sun tan on your own roof top, have a therapeutic walk on the sand in loneliness then the life on the coast could be a perfect scenario for you consider. Moreover, studies have instituted that living near a seaside can be beneficial for the health.
If ever you plan an escape to the coast, we are listing a few do have a look and decide.
Candy colored beach huts, traditional pier, sandy beaches is what a small town of southwold has to offer as typical seaside merriment. All at a pebble’s throw from the sea the beach offers plenty of eating outlets coupled with extremely affordable accommodation options.
Rock is a little town north east of newquay, which is witnessed to be frequented by the members of the royal family as well as many of the celebrities. The sheltered waters of the estuary are ideal for regulars to take their yachts, canoes or rowboats for a spin, or to simply drop a line and see if any fish are biting. Here can be spotted a large number of birds too which the people tend to watch from the deck of their homes. It is considered to be an expensive costal line but worth every penny to spend with family and friends.
Deal Kent is a former fishing, mining and a garrison town. Today it is a seaside resort. Along with historical monuments, ancient buildings and picturesque streets and houses are a gorgeous reminder of history. There is no age bracket for the people to visit Deal, since it offers so much more to every age group. The road side shops, 3 weekly markets, museums, rich culture make it more happening a place and something worth visiting. You can check out more About Deal and have the time of your life by visiting and making the most out of cafes, bistros, sandwich bars and Indian restaurants.
One word that comes to the mind for Pentle bay is gorgeous. Absolutely bleached white sand, emerald and turquoise oceans dotted with islands here and there and an impeccable blue sky lead to an awe-inspiring honeymoon destination. Everything appears light, bright and tropical in its brilliance.

British cost is the best possible likelihood to revel in the British scenery. One of the greatest and most practiced British traditions is a bucket and spade in hand on the sea side. British seaside towns have a vast diversity of fun elements to offer and to make the most of.


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