Explore magical London on the Thames

Explore magical London on the Thames  
There's nothing as romantic and as stylish as a cruise into the sunset with VIP service. The River Thames cuts through London in the most iconic landmarks of the city, such as the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, the Docklands and the Millennium Dome. Admit it, once in a while you like to be treated like a toff. Our experienced wait staff and sommeliers will stop at nothing but the best service for you. The Thames dinner cruise is a paradigm shift on date night. It makes for the most memorable date without the claustrophobic environment of a restaurant.
Why Choose the Thames River cruise?
The ambiance
The laid back relaxing breeze of the River Thames and the view of the sun as it begins to dip over yonder are intimate if not breath taking. The cruises have live entertainment playing from the in-house singer, which will create the best mood for a romantic dinner. You get your private table and waiter who will serve you until the end of the cruise when you choose to end your night with a dance. The ever changing background starting from Big Ben to Millennium dome will also deliver an ambient environment for your dinner.
The Menu
Your four course a la carte meal will be served with a broad range of items from entrees to dessert. All the food is prepared fresh on board the cruise by a master chef. Enjoy generous servings of what is an adventurous palate. The menus are diverse and can cater for all special dietary requirements on prior notice. Ad hoc groups such as vegetarians and gluten-free meals are also available. Menus for Large groups of 21 or more people require to be set in advance, but allowance is given for individuals to change their dinners.
Packages and events
A quick check on thamesdinnercruise.co.uk will show you that this cruise has packages for everyone. You get three trim levels of classic, premier, and signature, each with its unique items. The signature package is the most exclusive package going for 135 pounds per person. Packages for lunch and breakfast are also available with menus for both adults and children. Recorded informative commentary is also available for the day cruises. Bookings and themes for a special event such as birthdays, valentine's day, anniversaries and mother's day are also available.
Scheduling and boats
The Thames River cruise runs a rigorous schedule with zero delays on the two boats Harmony and Symphony. The two boats feature unique designs to provide a 360-degree view. The symphony has a lower and upper deck making it synonymous with corporate events, dinners and other special occasions. Their interior designs are also aimed at creating that intimate environment for a memorable romantic cruise.
The Thames dinner cruise is an elegant out of the box dining experience. It provides a unique dinner with exotic meals in an ambient environment. It is an experience of lavishness and comfort reminiscent of movies like The Love Boat and The Titanic, and is worth experiencing.
John Bold is a seasoned chef and traveller. He spends his time exploring and finding the best of the food industry. He has a passion for outdoor eating and camping. For more information, visit this website thamesdinnercruise.co.uk


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