Is eating Lebanese food good for you?

Is eating Lebanese food good for you?
Lebanese food has been widely embraced internationally. In Australia, high quality Lebanese restaurants such as Mezza Lebanese grill, provide tasty menus their customers. The food is all based on traditional cuisine from the country; but is it good for you?
The good news is that Lebanese dishes usually contain mainly fresh ingredients. This in itself means that when you eat at a Lebanese restaurant, you should be enjoying food that is good for you.
Why eating fresh produce is so beneficial
You have probably read about how important it is to include fresh fruit and vegetables in your regular diet. Doing so helps you to ingest vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health. If you are not a big fan of apples, oranges, peas, carrots and other items, you can get the benefits that you need, by enjoying them as part of a tasty Lebanese meal.
Why the use of olive oil is important
Many western countries use animal and vegetable fats in their cooking routines. The much healthier olive oil is used when Lebanese meals are made. This type of oil is healthier as it contains monounsaturated fatty acids. These are a type of unsaturated fat, as opposed to the saturated fats which can be found in other cooking oils.
Doing away with rich sauces
Many different types of cuisine make use of rich sauces, to add flavour and interest to a dish. These rich sauces are not something you want to eat a lot of, if you want to remain as healthy as possible. The flavours of Lebanese food are produced using a variety of herbs and spices. The meals taste amazing and the herbs and spices are a lot healthier to eat than a rich sauce.
One of the most popular elements of Lebanese cuisine is Za'atar, which is a mixture of spices. It's a flavour sensation that you have to experience to really appreciate it. Suffice to say, that you will not find many tastier food stuffs that are actually good for your health.
Every time you go for a meal in a Lebanese restaurant, you should be able to savour the fresh and exciting taste of the products used. One of the most popular products used in this style of cooking is lamb. Grass fed lamb is favoured, and you can really taste the difference that raising lamb in a healthy manner can make.
All too often, we find a food that we like which is actually not good for us to eat; at least not on a regular basis. It makes a pleasant change to find a cuisine that we can really enjoy, safe in the knowledge that we are not damaging our health while doing so. The fresh produce which is used in Lebanese restaurants actually helps to promote health, and the spices and herbs which are so widely used help to give the food the extra attraction of a mouth-watering flavour.


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