Unlocking the secret to a perfect homebrew coffee everyday

What do you look for first thing and the morning after your usual ritual? That’s right – a fresh cup of hot and delicious coffee. And what better way to take your daily dose of tasty caffeine than to have one ready for pouring?
Here’s how to prepare a coffee without unwanted bitterness and practically assure you and your family a satisfying cup every time.
Choose a good brand. Did you know that snobbism among coffee lovers rival that of wine drinkers? However, the fact remains that the world of coffee awaits anyone who wants to experience beyond mass-marketed commercial brands. Try specialty coffees that state its country, region, or state of origin. Prefer 100% pure Arabica beans. Cheaper alternatives like Robusta beans are also available, albeit with higher caffeine content and harsher flavour.
Always buy fresh. Coffee is best used within days after roasting or grinding them. Roasting them yourself or buying it from a local roaster is also possible. Take note that bright light and oxygen destroys the flavour of roasted beans, so keep it in a shaded and dry place all the time. All quality beans are sold in durable, vacuum-sealed bags.
Keep your coffee fresh. Keep opened coffee beans and freshly ground ones in an airtight container. Ceramic storage with rubber gaskets and glass canning are good options. Do not refrigerate since roasted beans are porous and automatically absorb moisture and food odours. Freezing coffee is not advisable as well.
Maintain your equipment. Storage, grinders, and coffee machine should be cleaned every few weeks to remove any dirt or oily build-up. Always use a natural or non-toxic cleaner to dissolve mineral deposits and rinse thoroughly after use.
Don’t use cheap filters. Here’s a giveaway bargain or cheap-priced paper coffee filters yield inferior coffee according to experts. Seek dioxin-free or oxygen-bleached filters. Even better, invest in a long-lasting gold-plated filter, which gives maximum flavour.
Do I (really) need a coffee machine?
Well, you wouldn’t necessarily be here if you’re not at least interested in the benefits of coffee machines. Here’s a no-nonsense list why you should own one:
The convenience. You and everyone in the family can just get their fix while in their pyjamas. Being able to make and drink coffee at home saves a lot of time and stress. It takes time to get into a car and or walk to the nearest coffee shop anyway.
You save money every month. One good thing about coffee is that it saves money over

time. You won’t have to run to a coffee shop every time you want a cup. Coffee lattes can sell as much as five dollars a pop. Investing in a coffee machine makes more sense.
Awesome tool for get togethers. Coffee machines make a great companion when hosting a social get-together like afternoon breaks or dinner parties. Some people like to have coffee after a big meal while others favour coffee rather than other drinks at events.
You can also check out buying guides online to help you choose your next coffee maker. User reviews are one of the best ways to review and compare brands or models before buying them.
End Note
Who doesn’t want to wake up to a delicious aroma of that freshly brewed and ready-made coffee? The little things make life magical - and a coffee machine is a great way to make the day right.


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