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Sunday, October 23, 2016

What Should You Look Out When Buying a Mattress?

What Should Heavy People Look Out for When Buying a Mattress?
All mattresses are not the same and there are quite a few special considerations that heavy people need to take into account when deciding on a mattress purchase. Even though the mattresses for lighter people will have many of the attributes essential for heavy people, there are some functional and design properties that you should pay attention to while buying the mattress.
Thickness of the Mattress
Even though it is an elementary point, mattress thickness is often overlooked. While a 10” mattress may be perfectly okay for those under 200 pounds, you will definitely want to opt for one that is at least 12” thick if you weigh more. The reason why thicker mattresses are required is that they offer a better compression support for heavy sleepers who exert more pressure on the surface. Thinner products incorporating advanced technology materials and construction can function equally well but choosing a thicker profile is a safer thing to do for ensuring superior deep compression support.
The degree of firmness of the mattress required is determined by how heavy you are. Buying behavior reveals that most heavy sleepers prefer mattresses that range from medium to medium firm. Remember that the heavier you are more the mattress will sink and you will experience more hug. Though many people associate sinking with softness, bear in mind that it is actually an outcome of how heavy you are. The heavier you are the softer any mattress will appear and you will need to compensate by selecting a firmer model. Read up on the zenhaven reviews for the best mattresses for heavy and oversize sleepers.
Edge Support
Usually, a factor that escapes consideration by most customers, the quality of edge support becomes very important if you are one of those who frequently sit on the edge of the mattress in addition to sleeping on it. When a mattress is equipped with strong and steady edges, it is less likely to undergo any significant sag when you are sleeping or sitting on the edge. Typically, spring mattresses and hybrid models have better edge support than foam mattresses, however, the thicker ones and ones with special construction features can often be at par.
Sleeping Hot
Heavy people commonly complain that they tend to feel hot when sleeping. This is typically a feature associated with mattresses that do not have good ventilation and the problem is compounded due to the more body mass of heavy sleepers. When you have a partner as well as children and pets in the same space, the heat generated can make it pretty uncomfortable quite fast. Foam mattresses get hotter, however, the advanced models incorporating latex, gel layers, open memory foam cell technology are very comfortable.
ConclusionAs is evident, heavy sleepers have to deal with a number of problems for ensuring quality sleep. However, with careful research and looking out for the right properties, you should be able to find a suitable one. Getting a model that offers an extended trial period is advisable.


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