Putting Together a New Summer Wardrobe on a Tight Budget

Putting Together a New Summer Wardrobe on a Tight Budget
Once you get used to it, living on a budget is not all that bad. You soon learn how to adapt and find new ways to get what you need or want.

Take for example putting together a stylish summer wardrobe. This is surprisingly easy to do even when you do not have a lot of spare cash available.
Focus on separates
The key to dressing well, at any time of the year, on a budget is to put separates at the centre of your wardrobe. Taking this approach allows you to create more outfits using just a few items of clothing.
For example, if you buy a skirt and three tops you potentially have 4 outfits. More, once you learn how to accessorise them in different ways.
This year, it is particularly easy for you to take this approach. As you can see here there are plenty of summer skirts available in the shops. Having so much choice makes it really easy to create the look you want. Potentially a nice midi style pencil skirt, made from a soft material, can be paired with a formal jacket and easily be worn to work. At the weekends it can be worn with sandals and a brightly coloured top, to create a more casual look. Skirts are surprisingly versatile items of clothing.
Two pairs of shoes is usually enough
For the summer months, you only really need two pairs of shoes. A pair of sandals to wear on hot days and a pair of closed in shoes for cooler days. Perhaps a pair of low court style shoes, so you can wear them to the office.
Choose clothes that match
Try to choose a simple colour palette to use as a basis for your summer wardrobe. Doing this will help to make sure that you buy clothes that can easily be mixed and matched. This will enable you to create many different outfits with relatively few items of clothing.I know that this sounds obvious, but most of us simply do not shop in this way. Instead, we tend to go out and buy entire outfits and rarely think about whether what we are buying will fit in well with the clothes that we already own.

Invest in good accessories
Using accessories well will allow you to create more looks using just a few items of clothing. You can find out more about how to choose the right accessories and use them to update your wardrobe by reading this article.
Use what you already own
Making use of the items of summer clothing that you already own will help you to keep costs under control. You will be surprised at how often you can rework what you already own to fit in with this season’s look. Often, it is as simple as wearing it with different accessories. Sometimes you will need to change the garment in some way. For example, dyeing an item, so it fits in better with this season´s colour palette or changing the cut slightly.
As you can see, when it comes to putting together an attractive summer wardrobe, there is a lot you can do even when you do not have a fortune to spend.


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