Stress Less and Smile More: Simple Steps to a Healthier You

Every blogger these days seem to talk about health. They answer questions on how to improve one’s running technique, where to find that motivation to exercise on a Wednesday, and whether or not a banana is an alright snack choice. Even though we all could use a bit of advice on how to keep active, and certainly on how to look all light and energized when jogging, people forget about the most important aspect of health.

A healthy person is happy, and free of stressful thoughts - when they do occur, she knows how to handle them.

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This post is here to help you keep smiling, and as a reminder to spend as much time on boosting our mental health as we spend on maintaining our physical health. It will give you a bit more energy, you know, and the strength to face difficulties with grace.

Beat Procrastination

A big influence to our stressed out selves is procrastination. Now that it’s summer, you might find yourself even deeper in the mouth of the beast - and to put off something till tomorrow feels more like a treat than it really is. Get started on it, even if you just do ten minutes of work, and you’ll find that continuing is a lot easier.

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The Journal

To keep a journal is the adult equivalent of keeping a diary. No, it’s really not - it’s the exact same thing, and a journal is filled with just as much emotional blabber as a teenager’s diary, the same amount of hearts and glitter. A lot of teenagers are advised to keep a diary as it helps them to connect with their turbulent emotions and express their feelings; for some odd reason, people seem to think that we don’t need this anymore when we grow up.

As adults, we’re supposed to be perfectly in sync and harmonious at all times - even without keeping a diary. Find back to your inner teenager and start a journal nonetheless; it’s proven to make you mentally stronger and is pure therapy for your mind. It is, perhaps, not that strange that lovestruck teenagers worldwide are doodling away their emotions and finding an outlet in creativity.

It’s not only good for relieving you of stress, by the way, it’s really great news for your mental capacity too. To indulge in something creative, such as painting, writing, or creating music can actually change the patterns of your brain and strengthen your immune system. We still don’t know everything there is about the human brain, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if creativity has, even more, benefits to it than this.

Observing and creating art

It’s a misconception that, in order to be artistic, you need to be exceptionally talented. Everyone can create something - and it doesn’t have to be particularly good, original, beautiful or life-changing to be creative. Think about it this way; today and tomorrow you’ll have produced a number of thoughts in your head. Most of them are the exact same every single day - actually, around 95 % of them are.

When you’re allowing your creative self to take over the steering wheel for a bit, you’re entering a state that’s close to meditation. All of those repetitive and useless thoughts are pushed aside - you are focusing on something more important. By the time you’re done working on your, erm, masterpiece, it will feel like waking up again to a fresh and renewed mind.

If you’re not interested in creating something quite yet, you can reap similar benefits by just observing art. Read an excellent book, listen to music, have an exceptional cup of coffee or go to the theatre, and you’re already becoming a healthier and happier you.

What about creating something and then enjoying it yourself? It’s the only way to go when you’re the biggest and only fan you’ve got. Oscar Wilde would have been proud of you; like he said himself, he never traveled without his diary - as one should always have something sensational to read on the train.


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