The School Run Survival Guide

All parents know about the horrors of the school run. For some reason, as soon as it’s time to leave the house, your kids completely forget how to dress themselves and eat breakfast and some of them seem to disappear completely. By the time you manage to get them into the car, you’re already running late and they’re all screaming and fighting in the back. It’s like running the gauntlet every single morning, but it doesn’t have to be. Some lucky parents have managed to make the school run a peaceful affair, and this is how they did it.

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Get A Bigger Car

I remember going to school in the mornings, cramped next to my brother in the back of our tiny car, elbowing each other all the way there. Kids like a bit of space and the whole journey is guaranteed to be much quieter if you give it to them. Getting yourself a bigger car is the first step to making the school run a million times easier. There are plenty of great companies like that can help you find affordable finance for you so even if you can’t quite stretch to a new car at the minute, you don’t have to wait for ages until you get a new one. When you’re looking into buying new cars, think about safety before anything else. If anything bad were to happen during the journey, you want to ensure that the family are safe.

Lay Out Your Clothes The Night Before

One of the hardest parts about the school run is trying to get everybody dressed. If all of your kids spend ages trying to find their uniforms, you’ll never get out of the house on time. The best way around it is to get all of their clothes out the night before, as well as your own. That way, nobody has an excuse for messing about and you can make yourself look great, even when you’re in a rush.

Quick Breakfasts

Giving your kids a healthy balanced breakfast is important, of course, but it can be time -consuming. Try to find breakfasts that are quick as well as healthy. Cereal is usually your best option so you don’t have to mess about with cooking. But be careful because a lot of the breakfast cereals that are aimed at kids are packed with sugar. That’s only going to make them more hyper once you get them in the car.


Bribing your kids isn’t ideal, but it works. The best form of bribery is a reward chart. If you give them stickers for brushing their teeth, getting dressed and getting into the car on time, you can generate a bit of competition between siblings. It will inspire them to be ready on time and it will help to reinforce the lesson that good behaviour gets results. Give prizes to whoever has the most stickers at the end of the week and before you know it, you’ll be getting out of the house early.

The dreaded school run can be daunting, but if you follow these tips it can be a peaceful affair.  


  1. I love these tips and to make our even faster if there taking there lunches we make them the night before.


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