7 Things to Look for When Viewing a House for Sale

7 Things to Look for When Viewing a House for Sale
When viewing homes for sale, it’s always important to look at the bigger picture. It’s easy to forget the important things when you love how a house looks and end up making a decision you’ll soon regret. In many cases, there’s so much to consider other than the paint colors, flooring and countertop materials. We’ve put together what we consider 7 unemotional things to consider when viewing a house for sale.
Proximity to key facilities
First things first, you have to ensure that the location of the house is ideal for you. For instance, is it accessible using public transport? This may be important if you use public transport to work or school. You may also want to find out if the house is located near convenience shops or schools if you have a growing family.
The number of rooms
This is one of the top considerations when choosing a house. You’ll probably find out how many rooms a house has even before you view it. The other important thing is the configuration of those rooms. Is the living room close to the bedrooms? If you end up in a bedroom that is so close to the TV, sleeping may be difficult. It all depends on what’s important and practical for your household.
The building’s structural integrity
One of the deal breakers when it comes to buying property is the structural integrity of the building. If you buy a home that has a dilapidated roof, you may end up spending too much money trying to fix it. Make sure an independent inspection is done by an expert to ascertain that the building is up to code. Along with checking the quality of fittings, make sure they also review the level of insulation.
How noisy is the neighborhood?
It’s important to find out how the neighborhood is in terms of noise. Most of the times, the property agent won’t be honest with you when you ask about the noise levels in the area. It’s always good to inspect it yourself. Find out if there are commuters who run into the neighborhood to avoid traffic. You can visit the area on different days to find out.
Is the house properly lit?
It’s important to buy a home that has good natural light. Natural lighting tends to make the home brighter and warmer. It’s one of those things you can’t afford to assume when viewing a home. Check if the house has enough windows as well. If it’s poorly lit and gloomy, try another option.
Signs of pest infestation
There are signs of pest infestation such as mite activity that you can look out for when viewing a home you are interested in buying. Although the damage can be restored, you need to be well aware of it and the financial implications before you commit to buying the property.
Nearby construction
When there are planned developments in the area, be prepared for the noise levels to increase soon. It can also cause other issues like traffic. You need to consider this and make a smart decision.


  1. We may be moving this Summer so I will be looking into these tips as I also want to know how close to the schools we are and if there are children in the neighborhood as the most important thing for me is for my son to have friends.


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