How Your Mattress Can Affect Your Sleep

How Your Mattress Can Affect Your Sleep
Most physicians suggest that we, average human beings, generally need to have a sleep of 8 to 10 hours. That means we spend one-third of our day as well as one-third of our life on our bed. Now, those 8 hours could be a blissful slumbering or could be a nightmare of tossing and turning and a drowsy exhausted morning. A huge part of your bedtime’s quality would depend on the mattress you are sleeping.
It’s also true that various other factors such as the temperature of the room, the amount of light and the angle it is projected on the bed and the noise level can heavily affect your sleeping. Even so, experts have found out that a good mattress could give you a seven to eight of hours of sound sleep easily.
Body support with proper alignment is paramount
According to studies, a body needs to have a proper support with perfect alignment to have a quality sleep and ache-less morning. Often sleepers who ignore this important point wake up with sores on their back. There is a good reason for that.

Many surveys suggest that a medium-firm mattress is the best of option for the majority of sleepers. Though, it is definitely a subjective issue. Certain people require their bed firmer or softer than others. But generally speaking, a too soft mattress doesn’t provide the essential proper support for the pressure points of your body. Thus, a sleeper with this type of mattress will have a tendency to wake up from sleep with back pains in the morning. Again, in case of a too firm mattress, sleeping can get pretty much uncomfortable to a nasty degree. Back pains are also common to those sleepers who own these types of mattresses. Thus, mattress comparisons are very important while shopping for your perfect medium-firm mattress. It’s best if you test the mattresses you choose for at least 20 minutes before you finalize anything.
Allergies and dust mites
You may not be aware of dust mites, a bunch of microscopic creatures that live with you. They feed on your dead skin cells which you shed naturally. You may be allergic to your old mattress and you are unaware that dust mites are the reason for your allergy. Dust mites and allergies can get between you and your sleep and disrupt the harmony of your life. Replacing your old mattress and buying a new one would be an excellent solution for this kind of problem. You also have to vacuum your mattress regularly to keep it mites free. Also, washing your pillow cover and bed sheets every week with hot water can also be very helpful.
Bedroom offices can be an unwise decision
Research has shown that those who are accustomed to working on their bed especially with their laptops (as well as their tablets and smart phones) are the one, who are more prone to have difficulties to fall asleep. The light and the dazzling glare emitted from your electronic device can be very disruptive to your brain’s sleeping mechanism. Thus, it will have a very detrimental effect on you and you sleeping time.

There will be a lot of signs that will tell you to immediately replace your mattress or at least reconsider to get a new one. Keep in mind that your sleep is crucial not just only to you but also to your family that you support. In the age we are living in, we have a lot of things to do and a very little time. But it’s essential for every one of us to get a sufficient amount of sleep to feel energetic in the next morning and to do our best. After all, each day brings a new beginning.


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