Keep Your Kids Entertained On Long Car Journeys

Family days out can be amazing, but the mood can soon turn sour if your children become bored in the car. To avoid the incessant chimings of 'are we there yet?' You need to come up with a smart strategy. Similarly to the School Run Survival Guide, it is important to have a plan in place so that your kids stay happy and distracted in the car. Of course, the lengths you need to go to depend on the duration of the journey and how many children you've got with you, but here are some helpful ideas to start you off.

Electronic Entertainment

The first thing many of us will think when looking for a way to keep the little ones entertained is TV. There are several ways you can take the television with you on a long trip, and one of those is to bring along a portable DVD player. Your child can bring along their favorite Disney movie, and it will keep them happy and quiet for the journey...Apart from the singing of course.

With modern technology, it had become easier than ever to bring the world with you in your pocket. You could download some educational programs or fun games onto a tablet and let your children learn while having fun. It's a no brainer.

Get Creative

Stock up on coloring books, pencils, and crayons for any long journey, because your child's attention span can be minimal, and the TV can only entertain for so long. Bring along some Play Dough too if you like, because there's nothing more fun than pulling dries putty out of the seat belts!

Worse Case Scenario

Having an accident while on the road is a rare occurrence, and hopefully, it will never happen to you. However, if the moment comes where you burst a tyre, how will you keep the kids distracted? Of course, you can avoid this from happening altogether by investing in hardy wheels and tyres, so you are never caught out with the children in the back of the car. Companies such as PartsEngine offer sturdy wheels, tyres, and other parts to make your car ultra safe for traveling with family.

If the worst does happen, make sure your children are safely locked inside the car and turn up the volume on their TV. They might not even notice anything is wrong until you get back on the road!

Play Games

If you are out of options and feel at a loss of what to do with your children, play some old favorites. Eye Spy is a never-ending game which can keep you and your kids entertained for hours. Of course, if you are on a highway there may be only so many times car or cloud can come up in the game.


Every child has a favorite toy, or maybe ten. You children will always want to bring their best friend along for a long journey, so let them loose in their toy box before a trip, and then you will be safe in the knowledge that your kids will be content for the journey ahead.


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