Looking for a Job Where You Solve Real Life Crimes and Save Lives - Forensic Nursing Could be the Answer

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled in the workplace? Are you looking for a way to really put your talents to good use and start feeling as though you’re making a difference in the world? Few careers are as rewarding for people as working in the healthcare industry. You will literally be saving lives and having an impact on patients on a daily basis.
Forensic nursing is one of those areas in healthcare that seems to be making its way into the spotlight as of late. People are learning just how much forensic nurses do, and the fact they are responsible for saving lives and solving crimes.
What is a Forensic Nurse?
While everyone is familiar with a nurse and what they do, a forensic nurse isn’t necessarily well understood. The job title sounds like something right out of a mystery novel. Forensic nurses work in a very unique environment, as they work where healthcare and law meet. This could mean in a police department, prison, or hospital.
Forensic nurses work with law enforcement in order to determine whether or not a crime has been committed. It is their job to collect, keep track of, and preserve any and all evidence of a crime so that it can potentially be used in legal action. Forensic nurses are part of the response team when trauma and violence has occurred.
Under the umbrella of forensic nursing there are various fields you can specialize in. These include a nurse death investigator, a sexual assault nurse examiner, and a forensic psychiatric nurse.
How Can I Become a Forensic Nurse?
The path to becoming a forensic nurse is one that takes a lot of commitment, motivation, and drive. For those who can't commit to attending class in person for the next few years, an online DNP or FNP program is usually an excellent option. With the online doctor of nursing, all your studying and work will be done online, which means it is a flexible schedule that works around your own life.
Now in order to become a forensic nurse you must first become a nurse. From there you can take a Master of Science in Nursing program, which will allow you to pick the specialty field of forensic nursing.

What About Salary and Job Growth in the Future?
While it’s wonderful to be able to pick a career based on your interests and what is most rewarding, there is the question of salary and job growth. Even though the United States Department of Labor doesn't have stats published regarding forensic nurses specifically, they do show that in 2016 the median pay for registered nurses was $68,450. Not only that, but there is a 16% job growth rate between now and 2024, which is much higher than other fields.
A Path That is Rewarding
As you look to find that perfect career path it may just be that forensic nursing fits the bill. With job growth higher than in many other industries, and the fact you’ll be impacting people in a massive way, it could be a very strong contender.


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