Baby Tech: Biometric Trackers for Babies

Babies these days are wearing a lot more than just baby bandana bibs, onesies and cuddly wee socks. Wearing fitness trackers is very popular among adults but more and more parents are using wearable biometric trackers like the ones in fitness trackers to track the health of their babies. There are many different types of biometric trackers for babies that can keep track of everything from their eating patterns to their heart rates and breathing rates.

These wearable biometric trackers are linked to smart phone and tablet apps that tell parents important information about the health of their child. And the data is stored so that it can be tracked over time to create a record of the baby’s health. Some of the most popular types of wearable biometric trackers for babies are:

Biometric Onesie
The biometric onesie is just like any other onesie that parents use daily except that it has built in technology to track the baby’s breathing rate, heart rate, and other vital information. Parents can check the app at any time to make sure their baby is ok, which is fantastic for parents who need to work or leave the child with a caregiver. And at night parents can just check the app to make sure that their baby is sleeping peacefully instead of having to get up and go check on the child which might wake the baby up.

Pacifier Thermometer
It can be really difficult to get an accurate temperature for a baby but if you suspect that your baby has a fever getting an accurate temperature is very important. The pacifier thermometer with built in biometrics is much easier to get babies to accept than a traditional child’s thermometer.

Thermometer Patch
If your baby doesn’t like the pacifier thermometer and spits it out you can use a thermometer patch to check your baby’s temperature. The patch is light and adheres to the baby’s skin in a way that’s similar to the way a bandage adheres to the skin. It’s also a great way to get an accurate temperature reading because it’s in direct contact with the skin.

Smart Socks
You need to put socks on your baby anyway so why not use smart socks? Smart socks will track the baby’s heart rate, breathing, temperature, and sleep patterns so that as long as the baby is wearing the socks you’ll be able to keep an eye on their vital stats. But these might become ineffective once your baby discovers how to pull the socks off of their feet.

Smart Bottle Cover
This is a smart item that every parent should have. It fits easily over a bottle and it monitors bottle temperature as well as how much food your baby eats. So you don’t have to wonder anymore if the temperature of the bottle is too hot or too cold for the baby. Slip the smart cover over the bottle and it will tell you when the bottle is just right. And getting an accurate measure of exactly how much your child is eating at each feeding is also very important. Smart biotech products like these are taking parenting to the next level and giving parents the peace of mind that comes with being able to check on their baby from anywhere.


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