Include Brand Mentions in Your Website Design to Herald Non-pareil Success

The online marketing success of a business largely depends on its brand mention, thanks to the growth of search engine optimization. There was a time when the authority and the ranking level of your site were determined by the linking of authoritative websites to your site. Now, that search is a steadily expanding domain, links and the authority they bring is losing their importance. The question is what exactly is gaining significance then? What factors of a website design need to be brought under the scanner for ensuring successful visibility? To get an answer to this query, you need to read on.
Brand mentions or implied links are the new members in the world of digital marketing. They are a reference to the target resource. They are not links, but citations that bring your brand name online. Here is what you should do in order to make sure that your website has enough traffic.
# Social media presence
Keep icons of social media sites on our website to link to your social media pages. No other forum gives you as much prominence as social media. The platforms consist of an eclectic range of interactions including referencing, commenting, bandying and discussing. The more the activities, the higher are the chances of brand mentions.
# Guest blog
What might seem to be an underhanded method of link building is basically a potent force for online marketing. If your website has the option of guest blogging, you can reach out to people extensively. It is not just about links that can be nofollowed or removed by the editor altogether. The underlying fact is the information you are offering through the blog. In this context, it is noteworthy to mention that helping others is more important while looking for brand visibility, than link building.
# Content
Brand mentions cannot be possible without content. Your website design will do well with the name of the company mentioned in the content at places. From Panda to Hummingbird, all of Google’s algorithms have been shifting marketing towards a single aspect – content.

While one can say that link building is good, it can also not be denied that in its black hat version, the aspect is pretty harmful. Since the corruption of links has outsmarted its ethical use and content is undoubtedly the king, using brand mentions has become a hit. Also, most of the B2B and B2C companies rely on the magic of words to take forward their marketing endeavours.
However, indiscriminate use of the brand name in the content may prove to be harmful to the site, as readers may consider the content to be the use badgering of a tired salesman.
It is true that mentioning the brand is not the future of digital marketing. It is, in fact, the burning reality of the present times. It may not have become a mainstream trend yet, but the sooner businesses adopt it, the better will it be for their marketing.


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