Summer Vs. Winter: When’s The Best Time To Vacation?

Vacation at any time of year is awesome. Whether it’s summer or winter, a getaway is a welcome break from life at home. Plus, it’s full of enjoyment and happiness, not to mention booze and delicious food!

Still, there should be no doubt that some seasons are better than others regarding traveling. Would you vacation in March or April, for example? No, most families wouldn’t because it doesn’t seem right. Vacations are the summer and wintertime only!

Both seasons have their pros and cons, from boiling hot sunshine to adrenaline-filled activities. But, seen as an average family can only vacation once per year, you will have to make a decision. It won’t be easy yet if you can’t make a decision, the family will stay at home all year round. And, 365 days of home life is the last thing any person wants.

Below are the pros and cons of summer and winter vacations. Which one you choose is down to you and you alone.

Summer Vacation


Of course, the weather is the main reason to vacation in the summer. At home, the sun may put air con units through their paces, but, abroad, they break them down. Seriously, HVAC units in foreign countries need therapy because the heat and humidity are too intense. Now, this may sound like your worst nightmare, and it should be if your skin is UV sensitive. Still, the majority of vacationers love the idea of lying on a beach and baking. Even if you spend a lot of time in the shade, it’s nice to see the sun shining. When it’s dark and dim, the weather impacts everything from stress to mood. Anyway, no one wants to spend their vacation time in the freezing cold. Unless skiing is your thing, it’s plain crazy.


Some people hate the fact that there are thousands of people enjoying the sun, sea, and sand during the peak months. To them, it means longer lines at attractions and more people bumping shoulders on the street. Granted, too many cooks do spoil the broth, but they also add an ambiance which you don’t get during the off-season. The bars are full of people, the restaurants buzz with good food and conversation, and the streets are at bursting point. The noise and chatter which follows as a result of a crowd of people having a nice time are enough to create a welcoming atmosphere. Dead towns, restaurants and bars are peaceful, but they are boring too. At least summer vacations are exciting!


Thanks to airlines and cheap flights, it’s easy to travel to any country in the world at the drop of a hat. However, money and transport aren’t the only issues to consider. Firstly, you need the time off work. Otherwise, the position may not be there when you land. More importantly, the kids need sanctioned vacation time. Nowadays, it isn’t possible to pull a child out of school for a day or two without a huge fuss. Some parents have gone to court as a result because it’s illegal in some states. Summertime is a perfect time to get away because the kids have the June, July and August free. So, there is no reason to worry about battles with the school or court costs. And, because they have a lot of free time, it’s easier to sync your vacation time. During the winter, schools break up for a week or two at a time which makes it harder to get time off work.

It’s Off-Season:

Okay, so it isn’t off-season in the northern hemisphere, but it is in the southern hemisphere. Flying to places such as Australia or South Africa in the middle of July can be cheaper. Sure, the airlines will charge a lot of money because it ties in with peak season. However, when you get there, the cost of living should be lower than popular tourist destinations. The reason is that people tend not to holiday in the winter. Due to the weather and impending holiday season, they don’t have the money or time to waste. Still, you do which means you may be able to exploit the country for your benefit. When you choose a place such as Aus, you can be confident the weather will be warm. Yet, the family can still stay in excellent hotels for less and see the sights without long lines. It’s just science, man!


Some people say habits are bad but not when they give you hope. Working all year can destroy your soul as corporate America isn’t exactly known for its happiness. A summer vacation is a fantastic way to get through the day when things don’t go your way.

Now let’s take a look at winter vacations.

Winter Vacation


It is worth noting that the off-season is without a doubt the cheapest time to travel. As long as it’s winter at home and abroad, the price of the holiday will drop dramatically. Flights are notorious for being extortionate at summer because the demand is high. As a result, airlines know they can charge more and still sell as many tickets. The dynamic is different in the winter because the demand isn't as great. Without as many people vying for a seat, flight companies can’t overcharge. Accommodation is another prime example for the same reason. Plus, with the different types of digs, the prices drop even further. Rather than a hotel, a family can look at condos for rent or a villa. Thanks to Airbnb, a house or flat isn’t out of the question either! With a working kitchen, you can slash the cost of living, too. Finally, there are the tourist traps. Everyone wants to see the sights, and you can do it at a knock-off price in the winter.

The Chase:

The idea of sitting at home while the wind and rain batter the house isn’t appealing. Winter is fine, but no one enjoys the gale-force winds and the autumn showers. The snow is awesome yet hardly ever turns up in some places in the country. Let’s face it – sun beats rain. And, with a winter holiday, there is no reason to put up with crappy weather any longer. All you have to do is pick an exotic country, find flights and accommodation, and take the plunge. When you arrive, the sun should shine and the weather should be as pleasant as ever. Travelers call this chasing the summer, and it’s well worth considering. Just imagine if the winter didn’t exist. You’d never be cold again!


Honestly, the majority of winter vacationers chase the sun, but it isn’t the only option. In fact, it may not be the best one depending on what you want from a holiday. If a beach and cocktail is your thing, the chase is probably the wisest choice. However, if you prefer the blood to course through your veins and a sense of unpredictability, a ski resort is an excellent choice. Skiing is a winter sport which is classed as extreme and for a good reason. Many people come back home with injuries, ranging from the innocuous to the grizzly. Still, anyone who has skied knows there is no better thrill. Plus, there are dozens of other extreme activities, such as tobogganing and bobsleighing. And you get to put your feet up, relax, and enjoy a hearty meal and a roaring fire. If you like a drink, you can ski from one bar to the next!


Far too many people go aboard and sit on a beach for ten days to two weeks. If relaxing is your thing, that is fine. Still, doing the same thing over and over gets boring. At some point, the thrill of going on vacation won’t be the same because it will feel every day. The key to any holiday is to mix things up and experience new cultures. In the winter, this is a simple task because Christmas is all around. Santa Claus and Reindeer may be synonymous with Xmas, but that’s all! Every country has a different way of celebrating the festive period and experiencing it is unbelievable. Take Lapland as an example. Advertised as the home of Saint Nicolas, waking up on Christmas morning is like being in Santa’s Grotto. Then, there is the southern hemisphere. Because it’s their summer, the sun cracks the pavement and the temperatures soar. Christmastime in a foreign country is something you’ll never forget.

Fewer People:

Finally, people don’t go away during the winter which means it should be less crowded. Not to sound like a Grinch, but people are difficult! As a rule, it’s better when there is a medium amount of tourists in one spot. Otherwise, things get out of control. From the flight to the hotel and the bars and restaurants, they are never as packed.

In conclusion, well, there isn’t one! Only you know which season is best for the family. Once you weigh up the pros and cons, go with the one which ticks all the boxes.


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