Toys Every Newborn Baby Needs

Toys Every Newborn Baby Needs

There are thousands of different baby toys on the market right now, and the advertisers will have you convinced that your precious bundle needs every single one. In reality, however, a small toy box filled with the essentials will give you everything you need to keep your baby happy and entertained for their first year. But what toys are worth the financial investment, and which should you leave sat on the toy shop shelf?

Here’s our list of the five essential toys for baby’s first year that every newborn should have in their toy box:

A Soft Ball
There are hundreds of different balls to choose from, but whether you opt for a soft plastic ball or a cloth version, be sure to choose a ball with a bell or other form of music inside, so that your baby will learn to turn their head when they hear it coming towards them or when they shake it. By the end of their first year, your baby should be able to play a simple game of catch by rolling their ball along the floor towards you.

A Cuddly Toy
Soft toys are a classic and timeless toy that every infant should have in their armoury –GUND offer a fantastic selection of loveable characters that every parent should check out in time for Christmas. Not only are they great for sensory development, they’re also a great emotional development tool, encouraging baby to form an attachment to something other than their parents and giving them something to practice their burgeoning social skills on. And let’s not forget that soft toys will look super-cute in baby’s nursery too!

Plastic Links
Plastic links are one of the most versatile baby toys and also one of the most inexpensive, you can buy them almost everywhere for no more than a pound or two! This toy is great for teething, can be used to attach other today to your pushchair (or each other) and your children may also enjoy stacking the links, attaching them together, or sorting them by size and colour. With so many different uses, this toy is sure to get plenty of use!

Small Bath Toys
Most babies love bath time: splashing in the warm water and catching bubbles is sure to raise a smile. Adding a rubber duck or other small bath toy to their tub will make your baby’s bath time even more exciting. A set of rubber bath toys is great for imaginative play, encouraging your child to create their own simple stories around the characters. Reaching for and gripping something small and flexible will also improve their hand eye coordination.

Board Books
Finally, it’s never too early to start reading with your child. If you invest in a few chunky board books then you can also add these to the toy box for your baby to try and read to themselves: learning to turn the pages and look at the pictures is the first step towards becoming a fully-fledged reader, and the earlier you can instil a passion for literature (no matter how basic) the better!


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