Recovering From The Festive Crunch

Right about now is the time that all your pending transactions will have come out. You’ll realise there’s still another month until you get paid, and your heart will start pounding. But relax, there’s plenty of ways in which you can help your finances recover from the festive crunch. With so long until the next payday, it really is important that you try to do is sooner rather than later. Plans for New Years don’t exactly make this any easier, but we’ve devised a couple of ideas that should help you recover in no time. The main thing is making sure you’re strict with yourself.

Avoid Sales

This is a big issues for men and women alike. The lure of the boxing day sales and New Years day sales are all too much for some people. But to make it even worse, the sales now seem to last for the whole of the Christmas period, it really is a nightmare for serial shopping adicts. If you’ve been given a bit of cash for Christmas, then that’s great, you should go out and treat yourself. But, be careful. Make sure you only take out the cash money that you’ve been given. There’s a lot of people out there that take their whole purse. They’ll spend their Christmas money in on store, then the lure of other stores means the card comes out. Don’t let this be you. Try and think about the rest of the month that you’re trying to get through!

Help Yourself

A lot of us are guilty of overspending at Christmas. A lot of people enjoy watching other people open their presents, rather than actually opening their own. This leads to a lot of cash being splashed. But when Christmas is over and you check your bank account, it can nearly make you have a heart attack. A quick solution to make sure you’re not panicking for the rest of the month is a credit card. They solve a lot of issues, but also create some, so you need to make sure you’re only using them for emergencies. You also need to have a decent credit score to get one. If you don’t, you can check out best credit cards for fair credit. It’ll help to take that edge off the rest of the month. A lot of companies pay a week early as well as they won’t be open during Christmas, but staff still have to wait until the end of Jan for the next pay. This is where a credit card can really come in handy.

Hide Away

You’re no doubt going to have one final blow out for New Years, we all will be. But after that you really need to make sure you hide away if you want to keep your finances looking at least decent. Just for January, chose a movie on the sofa rather than a meal out. Or make a nice home cooked meal rather than that Friday takeaway you love so much. It will take self control, but we’re sure you can do it for one month!

Paper Fortune Cookies for New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is just a few days away! To make the evening extra fun for the kids, I have been making these cute paper fortune cookies so they can open one on the hour and have fun reading their fortunes to each other!

This is such an easy craft idea!! It can be used for parties, holidays or even as place markers at a dinner party!

All you need is scrapbooking paper
Paper and a Pen

To begin, cut several uniform circles from paper.

Gently fold the paper together, but only make a small crease in the center.

Unfold the circle, placing it so the crease runs from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock.  Place a small dot of glue at 3 o’clock.

Fold the circle and press the paper onto the glue dot, making a taco shape.

Gently press the crease you made in step 2.  Place a glue dot along the folded side of the taco — alongside the crease.

Gently bring the two ends of the 'taco' together.  Pinch it together so that the glue dot holds the two halves together.

Add a strip of paper with your fortune inside.

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Tips For Finding Comfortable, Supportive Shoes That Fit Correctly

Tips For Finding Comfortable, Supportive Shoes That Fit Correctly

One of the most important parts of keeping your feet healthy is wearing the right shoes. Although that may sound easy, it is actually more challenging than you might think. Trying to find shoes that fit correctly and that offer the right level of comfort can take a little bit of work.

To see just what makes a pair of shoes comfortable, try this experiment: take off your shoes and socks and stand on a sheet of paper. Using a pen or marker, draw an outline around each of your feet. Next, take each pair of shoes that you own and set them on top of the outline that you just created. Chances are, you will find that the shoes that you find the most comfortable to wear are the ones that are closest in size and shape to the actual outline of your foot.

On the other hand, the shoes that you find the most uncomfortable will most likely be smaller or narrower than your actual foot. For instance, women usually find that their pumps are far narrower than the outline of their foot, which is why they often pinch or restrict the feet, causing pain.

If you are ready to upgrade to more comfortable shoes, try using the following tips:

* Shop later in the day. As the day goes on, your feet begin to swell. This is particularly true when it is warm outside. By shopping during the afternoon or early evening, you are more likely to find shoes that will fit at any time of the day.

* Get a better fit by wearing socks that are similar to the ones that you plan on wearing with your new shoes on a regular basis.

* Ask the shoe salesperson to take measurements of both of your feet. Most people have feet that are slightly different in size. If one of your feet is bigger than the other, you should choose a shoe size that is appropriate for the bigger foot.

* Be sure to stand up when you are trying on the shoes. Check how much room you have at the front of the shoe in the standing position. Ideally, there should be enough wiggle room for your toes to move freely.

* Give the shoes a test run by walking around the store. How do they feel on your feet? Do they slip or slide at the heel? Do they provide enough cushioning? Do they rub on any parts of your feet? Orthotic Shop advise that you never buy shoes with the thought that they will feel more comfortable after they are broken in or after they have a chance to stretch out. Instead, look for shoes that are comfortable to wear right out of the gate.

*Focus more on how comfortable the shoes are rather than on what size they are. Different shoe manufacturers often have slightly different sizing. Also, avoid falling for marketing claims. Just because a company claims that their shoes are comfortable doesn't necessarily mean that they actually are.

* Check for any seams or tags inside the shoe that could rub on your skin, resulting in sores or blisters.

* Inspect the soles of the shoes. Ideally, they should be thick enough that they will protect your feet from anything sharp that you might step on. They should also have plenty of built-in cushioning. When trying on the shoes, make sure to find a hard surface to walk across. This will help you test whether or not they adequately cushion your feet.

Tips For Updating Your Garden For Dining Al Fresco

Tips For Updating Your Garden For Dining Al Fresco

Congratulations, you have your al fresco menu sorted out and all of the trimmings are sorted out too. However, where are you going to do all your prep? A good idea is to create an outdoor kitchen space, as well as a wooden bench because this will let you use portable appliances in a safe place. Not only that, but the space will be convenient.

Another thing you can do is frame your outdoor kitchen. You can use shrubs or large trees. Let's not forget to mention you should use red pots that are bright, as this will draw your guests to the food you prepared.

Create A Feature Wall
You can create a feature wall. This can be done by painting your garden walls or fences. Use earthy terracotta or azure blue, as these colors will make your wall standout.

If you want to add a great touch, then hang up a few tea light lanterns and then add a few chairs and a table in the area. Palms can be used to finish off the design. Feel free to use a terrarium pendant light, as this will create a tropical feeling.

Coordinate Your Dining Table With Color
If your goal is to create a chic scheme, then chose 2-3 key hues, as this will create a stylish finish. Horticultural colors are the way to go, so go with forest green and navy colors, and use a shade of lemon. You will be impressed with the scheme this creates, and it will suit your al fresco dining.

To finish the look off, you'll want to add botanical prints. This includes place-mats and bamboo napkins. This will emanate a sense of nature.

Create A Comfortable Living Area Outdoors
After indulging in delicious foods, you want to go to a comfortable place to relax. Place some comfy cushions on your garden seats and place a soft rug on the ground. Also, you'll want to have a pouffe on hand.

Moroccan Theme
A Moroccan theme can create the nicest of entertainment spaces. Adding a copper tray to the table will give things a nice touch too. Don't forget about tea lights and solar-powered lanterns. Add some suitable middle eastern art from Outdoor Art Pros to finish.

Furthermore, citronella candles are a nice touch. Place them in ornaments or hurricane lamps. By doing this, you'll create the ultimate place to relax and enjoy drinks.

5 Websites for Baby and Kid's Gifts That Aren't Amazon + They Have Coupons!

5 Websites for Baby and Kid's Gifts That Aren't Amazon + They Have Coupons!

When it comes to online retailing, Amazon has the top spot in the US with sales of over $136 billion as of 2016 and more than 90 million American shoppers as of third quarter of 2017. Not surprising are the latest figures published last October by Statista that Amazon’s numbers are falling. Web visitors dropped by close to 2.4 million from July to September 2017 as more options for online shopping have opened up. Amazon is still leading in online sales, capturing 4% of the all retail income or bringing in about $44 billion for 2017 but many consumers don’t have the time or enthusiasm to search the vast pages of Amazon for interesting and value-for-money items especially during the holiday rush.
During holidays like Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and New Years (when the pressure is on to find the perfect holiday gift, create the perfect meal, spend time with loved ones, etc, browsing through Amazon’s gigantic catalog takes too much time and effort!
Here are five spectacular alternatives to Amazon if you want to find great gifts for those special little people on your list. If any of the coupons below don't work, we recommend you click over to for the latest offers.
All responsible adults desire the best for children. They want children who are happy, disciplined, and healthy. is an amazing book on child discipline. Although the book is for parents and guardians, children will directly benefit from the lesson therein. The positive effects of caring but firm discipline will reward the entire family, school, friends, and subsequent life of the child as he or she grows into an adult. The information you will find in this source will cover all ages from toddler to teen.
With code 123MSAS20, you can get 20% off your entire order.
One of the major issues of consumers is false or misleading advertising as well as products that grate against the personal conscious. There continues to be many cases of buyer remorse because of lack of transparency and honesty. With The Honest Company, you are assured of safe, sustainable, pretty, and healthy products for the entire family.
Co-founded by actress, Jessica Alba, The Honest Company is a true believer in “paying it forward.” Their product line for babies include diapers, lotion, bath soap, wipe, and balm and they also have a beauty line for mothers. With code GIFTME20, you can avail of a 20% discount on all orders!
If you’re looking for safe but cool stuff for your young children to enjoy, you will find more than enough to satisfy even the pickiest child. Trunki is a spectacular toy company that has been winning awards for its safe, re-usable, innovative and creative line of quality kiddie products.
The company started with the idea of ride-on luggage and has evolved to more with tons of kid-friendly travel gear that are a lot of fun to play with! All products have a 5-year warranty, and you can get a fantastic 10% discount on your first order using the code TRUNK10.
Family-owned Stroller Depot is the leading one-stop website for strollers and car seats. No matter what kind of car seat or stroller you are looking for, you are sure to find it in this site. They have all the top brands plus the newest models to choose from. And you can be assured that every item on their site have been personally tested and tried for safety and quality. Furthermore, the company will give you a virtual test drive using live video if you can’t drop by their showroom.
For the holidays, Stroller Depot is offer a wonderful 15% discount on all Baby Jogger City Mini Single Strollers with the code SINGLE15. has been around since 2004 and is based in the UK but has millions of shoppers from the US because they have a huge warehouse in the country and can offer the lowest price in town – sometimes as much as 70% off the mall retail prices. They have a very extensive line of high quality products specializing mainly in video games, accessories and home items. Their nursing and feeding line of products have a special 10% discount if you use the code BC1102 and order a minimum amount of $59.
Shopping for the holidays will be so much more fun and thrilling when you don’t have to go through Amazon. After all, with so many people on Amazon, the chances of doubling on the same gift or toy is kinda high. Anyway, isn’t it about time to give other online retailers with incredible feedback a try? If you look up these five companies, you will find them aboveboard and highly respected – the best in baby and mommy care!

Awesome and Delicious Stocking Stuffers

The gifts have all been wrapped and we are now down to the final days before Christmas. We are ready to hang the stockings and stuff them with goodies, but this year I want to skip the tiny toys and the too sweet treats in favor of better for you options. I am going to share a few of my favorite healthier stocking stuffer ideas with you today to help you make this a memorable Christmas morning filled with good stuff in your stockings!

Samples were received to inspire this post.

Opening all of those gifts can be a lot of work. This year I am going to keep the kids hydrated and happy with the goodness of Juicy Juice in their stockings. They can sip a kid sized drink to fuel their unwrapping frenzy on Christmas morning.

Featuring fruit as the first ingredient, these snacks are rolling in fun and flavor. I love that they have vitamins and are gluten free. My kids love the experience of unrolling a snack as they go. Available in 3 flavors; Berry, Tropical Punch, and White Grape Strawberry, these are a great alternative to stuffing the stocking with candy!

Loaded with vitamin c, these organic snacks are always a hit with the kids! Packed with natural flavors and all of the fun of a gummy, these are a fruit snack you can give in the stockings without the guilt of sugar loaded candy.

Playing with all of the toys on Christmas is hard work. Adding a fun and fruity aquaball to the stockings gives the kids a fun drink to fuel their day. Made with natural flavors and featuring fun characters, this is a drink the kids will love. Drinking their water has never been as fun or tasty!

It wouldn't be Christmas without cookies! But these are guilt free cookies! Each one is loaded with protein and nutrients for a decadent snacking experience. These are so tasty that even the kids who don't care about health benefits will want to gobble them up. 

Christmas isn't just about the kids. Adults want a stocking too! This protein powder makes a great stocking stuffer because it is so good for you!Packed with protein and made with only 3 ingredients, this is perfect for anyone health minded!

Available in both 10.1 oz. and 13.5 oz. sizes these glass Juice Jars are great for gifting that one person you know who's always eating on the run. These jars feature an air-tight stainless steel lid, perfect for keeping your smoothies, workout juices, oatmeal and other snacks fresh while on-the-go.

Cased in 7 fluid ounce bottles, Brooklyn Crafted's small but mighty ginger beers are the perfect size for Christmas stockings and great for enjoying on their own or incorporating into cocktails this holiday season. Made with 100% fresh ginger pieces you can actually SEE in each bottle, the craft ginger beers are available in four trendy flavors. I love this drink as a stocking stuffer because ginger is so soothing to an overindulged tummy, and we all know that has been known to happen around the holidays!

With a delicate straw color and a golden apple flavor this is the ultimate stocking stuffer for a wine enthusiast. Fun to drink and perfectly aromatic, this would make anyone smile on Christmas morning as they open their stocking! Maybe if you are lucky, they will share it with you later in the day!

10) Lumi Shots
These are one of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas for fitness enthusiasts. These are loaded with good things for boost of energy when needed! Among my favorites are the 6 pack of fully loaded cold processed nutrition shots from Lumi. Made with broccoli leaf, lemon, and ginger this shot is aptly named. It is fully loaded with calcium & vitamins A & C to keep you on your toes for whatever life throws at you.

Lumi also offers cold pressed juice with an impressive 50 day shelf life. These are perfect for stuffing a stocking with nutrition. I am a big fan of the 10 oz Wahoo Orange  and 10 oz Harvest Apple  varieties for keeping my family healthy and hydrated. These are perfect for stockings and gift basket offerings at the holidays to help combat the blahs from excess celebrating, or to fuel the body with good things during cold and flu season!

If you have a favorite stocking stuffer idea for kids or adults please leave a comment to inspire others to avoid tiny toys and too much candy this year!

10 Projects to Make for Hanukkah

 The holidays are near and it is time to get crafting! I have 10 Projects to Make for Hanukkah that you aren't going to want to miss! These are so fun you are going to light up at the sight of them!

Hanukkah Party Poppers by Frugal Elegance
Shimmering Star of David by Crafts by Amanda
Hanukkah Stained Glass Craft by Kid World Citizen
Modern Menorah by Delicate Construction
Handprint Menorah by Mom Endeavors
Elegant Menorah by Mod Podge Rocks
Hannukah Gelt Tree by Yesterday on Tuesday
DIY Menorah by Sugar Bee Crafts
Hanukkah String Art by Delicate Construction

I can't wait to make the party poppers with the kids! They are going to LOVE these!
If you have a fun craft or DIY for Hanukkah please leave a comment to share with us!

Top Picks for Gifts for Her

 I am shopping, wrapping and baking like Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! Now that the kids gifts have been wrapped and hidden away, I am completely focused on finding the best gifts for women!

This year, you can skip the ugly Christmas sweaters and the standard boxes of chocolate that we all end up buying when we are stumped on what to get a special lady in our lives. I have gathered some of my favorite gift ideas to share with you. Buying an awesome gift has never been easier with this guide!

Product samples were received to inspire this gift guide.

1) Zerowater 23 Cup Pitcher
This is such a handy item with health benefits. I love the idea of gifting this water pitcher because it will help reduce the amount of plastic bottles used and thrown away in any household and it provides some amazingly crisp and clear water from the tap. This unit retails for under $40 and is so easy to use. All you need to do is fill it with tap water, give it a few moments to filter and push the easy to operate dispenser. The pitcher includes a testing unit to make sure you are drinking zero solids.

2) Balsam Fire Log by American Home  Yankee Candle
Relaxation is always a wonderful gift at the holidays. With this fire log by American Home for Yankee Candle, you can toss this in the fireplace and get cozy with your family. You can buy a 4 pack of 3 hour logs for under $25 for a fragrant and relaxing gifting option this holiday season. This makes a great gift because it is unique and everyone loves Yankee Candles!

3) Personal Trainer Food
As a mom who is eating healthier and devoted to living my best life at the holidays and long after they have passed, Personal Trainer Food is one of my favorite gift ideas. While it may be anything but traditional, you can rest assured the gift of delicious and easy to prepare food will be a hit with anyone this holiday season. Personal Trainer Food is not like any other diet I have tried. First, everything they offer is delicious. I love that you can order 2 weeks of food or a month, and pick what suits your palate.

I have tried other diet programs, and failed, but after one month of Personal Trainer Food I lost 9 pounds and had heaps of energy. I loved that I could eat real meat and cheese, plus snacks and lose weight by simply walking. I highly recommend this service to anyone that wants to live healthier, lose weight and eat REAL FOOD!

4) Thirty One Gifts
Thirty One has so many awesome options for the holidays. From handbags, totes and lunch thermals, to jewelry, pillows and more. I love to gift Thirty One because it supports women in small business and helps to make dreams come true. This year I am gifting the City Charcoal Chic Tote. It is gorgeous and works perfectly for a night on the town, or a great bag for work. The bag features a pebbled faux leather exterior and a colorful polka dot interior. It is spacious enough to tote all of your necessities around in without giving shoulder pains.

I am also loving the Endless Dreamer Necklace with charms. There are so many options to create a personal gift from the heart that she will love to wear and show off.

Thirty One also offers great gifts for the home, for the kids and for men too! My husband loves his Moosin Around Tote and uses it all of the time! No matter who you are shopping for, Thirty One has you covered!

5) Biore Products
Sometimes being an adult means putting yourself last. While we may not want to admit it, sometimes we let ourselves go. Biore offers a line of affordable and easy to use options that makes pampering a breeze. My favorites include the charcoal bar, the self heating one minute mask and of course, pore perfect strips! Priced at under $7 each, you can stuff a stocking with the gift of healthy skin, or you can pair these offerings with some small pampering items like sleeping masks, a great lotion like Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer and some epsom salts to make a gift basket that will pamper and indulge the skin! I love that you can find all 3 of these items at mass retailers for a last minute gift option on a budget.

6) Healthy Fragrances
There is something super alluring about a new perfume. I am crazy for the line of Lavanila fragrances this year. Retailing at under $50 you can find these luscious full size perfumes at Sephora. I love that each fragrance is blended with organic sugar cane alcohol, natural botanical extracts, and pure essential oils that are delicate on sensitive skin. Unlike other fragrances on the market, the Healthy Fragrance is free of drying alcohol, petrochemicals and phthalates.

You can find this line in six invigorating scents: Vanilla Passion Fruit, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Coconut, Fresh Vanilla Lemon, Vanilla Summer, and Pure Vanilla.

7) Image Merry & Bright Skin Care
This is an affordable and awesome limited-edition collection containing IMAGE Skincare’s top rated VITAL C products to nourish, hydrate and revitalize dry, sensitive or redness-prone skin. Includes Vital C hydrating facial cleanser, Vital C hydrating anti-aging, Vital C hydrating enzyme masque, Vital C hydrating repair crème and Prevention+ daily hydrating moisturizer SPF 30. Retailing at under $20 this is going to make for a merry and bright complexion into the new year. Find it online or in spas and salons nationwide.

8) KORRES Greek Wonders Skin Kit
For under $40 you can give the gift of discovery. With the KORRES Greek Wonders Kit the inner  Greek Goddess on-the-go can shine with some of the most powerful, centuries-old skincare from Greece, all in travel size. Includes the Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser, Pomegranate Moisturising & Balancing Cream-Gel, Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial & Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir. This is available online, at sephora and from HSN. This is a great kit for  skin care on the go.

9) Holiday Glam Make Up
This year, why not gift her the hottest looks in make up? Sally Hansen and Rimmel have gorgeous and affordable options that make perfect stocking stuffers! I love the glam in grey offerings this year as they are elegant without being over the top. Look for Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour, Rimmel London ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Stick, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polishes and Insta Dri Nail Color in grey shades for under $10 each. These make a gorgeous glam stocking stuffer option!

10) Gourmet Gift Baskets
I am a big fan of gourmet gift baskets! They have the yummiest gift options! From sweet treats, to buckets of beer, and giant cookies! Plus everything yummy in between! This year I am favoring a few options such as the Pineapple Dried Fruit Platter. Retailing at under $50 this is a healthy and sweet gift option. Presented on an eye catching pineapple shaped cutting board, this is a great hostess gift, or a way to share something guilt free and decadent to your guests this holiday season. The dried fruit platter includes pineapple, cherries, plums, apricots, dates, plums, kiwi, pitted prunes and apple rings.  In the 1700s, the pineapple was the ultimate symbol of hospitality. This modern version of the pineapple gift is sure to evoke similar feelings of warmth, community and camaraderie.

I also love the Tour of Italy Gift Basket. This is packed with delicious goodies from Italy! This is the ultimate gift for a foodie. It contains rich pasta crafted in Puglia, tomato sauce originating from Rome, and gourmet pistachio biscotti for dessert, and so much more like marinated artichoke hearts, Tuscan minestrone soup and even luscious lemon wafer bites. Retailing at under $130, this gift offers a perfect escape from winter weather without ever leaving the house!

Sometimes, you need a sweet gift for a sweet lady. The Good Tidings Holiday Gift Basket by Gourmet Gift Baskets is the perfect option! Featuring so many favorite sweets like white chocolate cranberry cookies, Ghirardelli Chocolate Belgian Chocolate Truffles and an ah-mazing cashew brittle to name a few, this is a gift basket that will satisfy her cravings for sweets while indulging her in the gourmet side of gifting. Retailing for under $50, this is one sweet way to spread holiday cheer!

11)  AiroSpa Pillow
 Gifting luxury is as easy as gifting this unique, simple to use, affordable, multi-purpose stress reliever and aromatherapy pillow that can be used at home and travel anywhere. With its built-in and patented fan, air-flow vents and face-down angled construction, the AiroSpa™ Pillow can be used as a home/office/travel massage experience enhancer with a partner or all on its own for a calming and relaxing experience. I love that it can use your favorite essential oil to take a massage to the next level of bliss, or to give you a restful experience on the road.

If you have favorite gift ideas for a special lady this holiday season I would love to hear about them! Leave me a comment to inspire my last minute shopping!

What to do if a child is injured on your property

Taking care of your own family is a huge responsibility and it can put you under an enormous amount of pressure. This pressure only intensifies when you are also acting as the responsible adult for somebody else’s children too. If your little ones regularly have their friends over, it is likely that you spend a lot of your time trying to avoid arguments, accidents, and other forms of drama. However, when it comes to children, it only takes a second for something to go wrong. If the worst should happen and a child is injured on your property, it is vital that you know what to do. Below are four pieces of advice that will help you to cope.
Don’t hesitate to act
In an emergency, you don’t have any time to waste. That is why you need to act as quickly as possible. If you are someone who struggles in stressful situation, you will need to plan ahead in order to stay calm. One option is to create a phone tree of emergency numbers. This could include the emergency services, along with the contact details for the child’s parents. Alternatively, you could update the speed dial settings on your phone. That way you can simply press one button and be put through to the right people.
Understand what happened
When a serious accident takes place, it is important that you understand how it occurred, as you may be held accountable. In the worst-case scenario, legal action could be taken against you. Once you have taken the appropriate action to help the child, you need to make notes of your version of events while they are fresh in your mind. If you have CCTV equipment it is important that you check it to understand what happened. If the images are of low quality, you may need to hire computer forensics professionals to recover deleted or damaged footage of the incident so that it can be used as evidence.
Educate your children
You can also prepare for emergencies by educating your children. This is a great way for you to ensure they stay safe. You should teach them about the dangers of interacting with people they don’t know. You should teach them to run for help if anyone gets hurt. You should also teach them to report any bumps to the head, as often a child can appear fine for hours before showing signs of injury. The most important thing is that your child springs to action the moment something goes wrong. When every second counts, you can’t afford for them to freeze.
Educate yourself
Another important step is to educate yourself. This is the ideal opportunity for you to feel more confident in your ability to handle a crisis. Why not sign up to a first aid course? That way you will be able to deal with minor injuries such as scrapes, scratches, and splinters. You will also be able to help out if you are ever forced to wait for the emergency services. You should also consider having a first aid kit for your home. This will ensure you have all of the necessary equipment on hand.