Recovering From The Festive Crunch

Right about now is the time that all your pending transactions will have come out. You’ll realise there’s still another month until you get paid, and your heart will start pounding. But relax, there’s plenty of ways in which you can help your finances recover from the festive crunch. With so long until the next payday, it really is important that you try to do is sooner rather than later. Plans for New Years don’t exactly make this any easier, but we’ve devised a couple of ideas that should help you recover in no time. The main thing is making sure you’re strict with yourself.

Avoid Sales

This is a big issues for men and women alike. The lure of the boxing day sales and New Years day sales are all too much for some people. But to make it even worse, the sales now seem to last for the whole of the Christmas period, it really is a nightmare for serial shopping adicts. If you’ve been given a bit of cash for Christmas, then that’s great, you should go out and treat yourself. But, be careful. Make sure you only take out the cash money that you’ve been given. There’s a lot of people out there that take their whole purse. They’ll spend their Christmas money in on store, then the lure of other stores means the card comes out. Don’t let this be you. Try and think about the rest of the month that you’re trying to get through!

Help Yourself

A lot of us are guilty of overspending at Christmas. A lot of people enjoy watching other people open their presents, rather than actually opening their own. This leads to a lot of cash being splashed. But when Christmas is over and you check your bank account, it can nearly make you have a heart attack. A quick solution to make sure you’re not panicking for the rest of the month is a credit card. They solve a lot of issues, but also create some, so you need to make sure you’re only using them for emergencies. You also need to have a decent credit score to get one. If you don’t, you can check out best credit cards for fair credit. It’ll help to take that edge off the rest of the month. A lot of companies pay a week early as well as they won’t be open during Christmas, but staff still have to wait until the end of Jan for the next pay. This is where a credit card can really come in handy.

Hide Away

You’re no doubt going to have one final blow out for New Years, we all will be. But after that you really need to make sure you hide away if you want to keep your finances looking at least decent. Just for January, chose a movie on the sofa rather than a meal out. Or make a nice home cooked meal rather than that Friday takeaway you love so much. It will take self control, but we’re sure you can do it for one month!

Paper Fortune Cookies for New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is just a few days away! To make the evening extra fun for the kids, I have been making these cute paper fortune cookies so they can open one on the hour and have fun reading their fortunes to each other!

This is such an easy craft idea!! It can be used for parties, holidays or even as place markers at a dinner party!

All you need is scrapbooking paper
Paper and a Pen

To begin, cut several uniform circles from paper.

Gently fold the paper together, but only make a small crease in the center.

Unfold the circle, placing it so the crease runs from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock.  Place a small dot of glue at 3 o’clock.

Fold the circle and press the paper onto the glue dot, making a taco shape.

Gently press the crease you made in step 2.  Place a glue dot along the folded side of the taco — alongside the crease.

Gently bring the two ends of the 'taco' together.  Pinch it together so that the glue dot holds the two halves together.

Add a strip of paper with your fortune inside.

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5 Tips To Shop Online To Give Your Wardrobe An Upgrade

5 Tips To Shop Online To Give Your Wardrobe An Upgrade

A wardrobe upgrade is something that every man and woman desires every now and then. It can bring freshness to your collection as well as fulfill your urge to keep pace with the latest trends. However, you may skip the temptation as it can be an expensive thing to do. There are ways to shop smart and give your wardrobe an overhaul without digging a hole in the pocket. One idea is to wait till the end of the season sale and replenish the collection with items at lower price tags. But this has a disadvantage that you will get to wear the clothes only in the subsequent season.
The second option is that of online shopping, which is much smarter than the first one. You can get the most amazing deals on the latest stuff of the best brands, all at just a click of the finger. But there are some issues that may come up, such as wrong fits and sometimes, unexpected items being delivered to you. Here are some things to bear in mind while you shop clothing online.
Check the size chart before placing the order
The biggest problem that is part and parcel of online shopping relates to wrong fits. Follow a few rules to ensure that you always shop the right sizes online. Check the size charts that accompany every item showcased on the e-commerce store. It displays the measurements that correspond with each size. Take your measurements and then order the size that matches. It is to be noted that a specific size may vary from brand to brand. So you must take measurements properly instead of taking “one size fit all” approach.
Go through customer reviews
Be a smart shopper and check out the customer reviews before you close the transaction. Since there are no ways you can touch and feel the product physically, it is better to pay a little extra attention to what the other shoppers have to say. A majority of sites have genuine online reviews posted by real customers who have actually bought from them. These can give you a fair idea about the fabric quality, fits, and sizes of garments that you can expect.
Browse more than one site
Another good idea to save while you spend online is to browse through more than one site to compare products and prices. There are hundreds of sites that offer same brands and same clothing but at different prices. Look for price variations, special deals and inaugural discounts to pay less for the same garment. There are other ways you can save money, such as visiting coupon sites. For instance, you can check out these House of Fraser discount codes to help you  save money on your next fashion item.

Leave items in the shopping cart
While discount coupons and deals make one smart way to save money, you can do the same by leaving the items in the shopping cart for the next time. That is if you are okay with the idea of waiting for a few days! Most sites use the shopping history and preferences of the prospective shoppers and get back with special discounts to entice them to complete the purchase. Wouldn’t it be great to get the same dress you left a few days ago at an unexpectedly lower price!
Have a look at their return policy
Fashion shopping is more like hit and trial. So there is always a chance that an outfit may not fit well or you may simply not like it. For this reason, online shoppers should always follow the rule of checking out the return/exchange policy just in case. Go through it thoroughly and ensure that you will not be changed anything in the name of shipping on returns. Check the validity period and return/exchange rules. Ensure that you follow them so that you can return or exchange the products in a hassle-free manner.
The advent of e-commerce technologies has revolutionized online shopping completely today. A number of websites and mobile apps use technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality to provide virtual fits. This enables shoppers to try the garments virtually and see how they would actually look on them. Similarly, there are chatbots that use artificial intelligence to guide you with better purchase decisions and give reliable customer support. The secret to successful online fashion shopping is to find the right site or app that has all the right features and sells at best prices.

6 Things To Remember When Consulting A Psychic Reader

6 Things To Remember When Consulting A Psychic Reader
Psychic readings can help you get enlightened about various aspects of your life. You can expect to improve both your personal life and your professional life by applying the knowledge gained through psychic readings. Whatever be your reason to consult a psychic reader, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind in order to have a fruitful reading session. Here are six things to remember when consulting a psychic reader:
Avoid Having A Particular Agenda On Your Mind
You may have a strong desire to know about certain things through your psychic session and you may get answers as well. But it may also happen that you do not get the answer to that specific question for which you went ahead with the whole session in the first place. This is because your psychic reader is just a medium. The reader does not provide answers to your questions. The answers are communicated through the psychic reader to you. So, it’s important to understand that the reader does not have any control over what is being conveyed to you. You can expect to get what you need but not what you want.
Select Your Psychic Reader Wisely
There is no dearth of fake psychic readers who are out there to fleece innocent people of their money. Such disgraceful people can take advantage of your anguish and pain by selling you bogus information. That is why you need to exercise care when selecting a psychic reader. One sign to recognize authentic psychic readers is that they never promise to solve all your problems or pretend to have all the answers you want. Instead, they assure you of giving insights that will enable you to have a better understanding of your situation and life. If you are in search of an authentic psychic reader, you can go for psychic readings from Psychic 2 Tarot, a trustworthy platform for spiritual support.
Don’t Intend To Guide The Session
Before you go for a psychic reading, prepare yourself to allow the psychic reader to guide the session. Don’t intend to lead the discussion where you want it to go. Instead, be ready to let the discussion flow naturally and take whatever course it wants to adopt. If you try to influence the flow of the discussion, you may do more harm than good. For instance, an authentic psychic reader may get frustrated with your emotional outburst. Again, in the case of a fake psychic reader, you will be giving away too much information and provide the reader a chance to manipulate you and the session as well.
Know That There Is More Than One Way To See
Most people are interested in knowing how a psychic reader gets the information. There is no single answer to this question. In other words, the ways of getting information vary widely. Some readers communicate with angels or guides. Some others read auras or faces or even the tone of your voice. Then there are others who allow an entity to speak through them. The list does not end here. But all of them have one thing in common - they help you to gain a new perspective and understand the truth residing inside you.

Don’t Expect Miracles Or Predictions
Psychic reading is not about predictions or miracles. It is about discovering the truth and having knowledge of things that may force you to see your life in a different way. You may not get any easy answers to your queries. On the other hand, there are chances that the session may enlighten you about certain options that you might not have considered before. Psychic reading won’t provide you any quick fix solution to your problems. But it can show you the way you need to follow in your life.
Be Ready To End The Session If Something Feels Wrong
When your instinct or gut feeling says that something is not right about the session or the psychic reader, then listen to your feeling. If you find that your psychic reader keeps increasing the fees with every visit or insists on your buying certain merchandise from him/her, it should ring the warning bells for you. Also, if your psychic reader says that you will have to return repeatedly for more readings, it should be an indication for you to walk away from the reader once and for all. At any time, if you feel pressurized by the reader to do something, do not hesitate to end the session and walk out.

How to motivate yourself to workout at home

How to motivate yourself to workout at home

Working out from home can seem like a great idea at first. You smile to
yourself as you think about how you will not have to deal with other people
at the gym - no more waiting impatiently to use the treadmill, feeling self
conscious among others or comparing yourself to those individuals that somehow
have the body of a Greek god (though you're sure you've tried everything they
have!) When it comes to the practical application of this though, you can find
that working out at home isn't as easy as you thought. Perhaps you usually
associate being at home with unwinding at the end of a long day and so when
you are at home trying to find the motivation to exercise, you find that there
are just so many distractions! Rest assured, we've got you covered with
several suggestions as to how you can motivate yourself to workout from home.

Be disciplined in setting a workout schedule
If you decide that you want to work out from home for an hour a day then you
need to ensure that you stick to that aim. Try to be strict with your scheduling
in order to ensure that you actually do go ahead and do the exercise that you
planned. For example, gather some ideas for  pre work meals ideas, and commit
to a particular time every day so that you can establish that in your mind as being
the workout hour. If instead, you go about your day with a vague notion that you will
get around to working out at some point, then you may find that there is never a
convenient time and you keep procrastinating and pushing back your workout hour
until after you have completed your daily chores, after you have watched a
particular TV show, etc.

Just because you are working out at home, doesn't mean that you have
to do so in your pyjamas or a sweat pants and ugly old sweater combo.
Wearing the appropriate workout gear helps to get you in the mood for exercising
and feeling the burn. Not to mention, it's more suitable for the purpose of
working out than wearing some random clothes that you have dug out of your
wardrobe. Lightweight, breathable workout clothes are comfortable and allow
you to move around and flex freely. Appropriate footwear such as high quality
running shoes ensures that your feet receive adequate support and comfort,
and reduces your risk of injury. Buying workout footwear from reputable brands
such as Nike and Adidas ensures that you are getting good quality, durable
 products without breaking the bank.

Create a workout space
associate with exercising - preferably away from distractions such as the television
or the seemingly infinite pile of laundry that you have been avoiding! Perhaps you
have a spare room or a disused office where you can spread out and work out.
Alternatively, maybe you can move some furniture aside in your dining room
and create a space for moving around.

Set the soundtrack
Music is a great accompaniment to exercise and research has actually proven that
it can increase productivity by up to 15%. So whether you blast out some lively,
bass thumping music on your sound system or you simply workout with headphones
in, you will surely feel more motivated and find your exercise routine more enjoyable
if you complete it with a great workout soundtrack in the background.

Set yourself a reward
We're not always thrilled to get out of bed on a Monday morning and go to work, but it's
necessary if we want to get paid right? Award yourself a similar motivator for exercise
in order to encourage yourself to stick to your schedule. If you're working out in
conjunction with a diet, then your reward could be a treat such as a chocolate brownie
at the end of the week if you are able to complete your daily routine!

Involve someone else
Just because you're working out at home, doesn't mean you have to go it alone.
You could still invite a friend over to work out with you, or exercise together with
yourself to be more productive since you will find that they are there to provide
words of support and encouragement even on occasions when the last thing
you feel like doing is a set of abdominal crunches.

In a similar vein, sharing what you're doing on social media (okay,
maybe not so much that you become an annoyance to your friends and family)
can provide you with a feeling of satisfaction if you share your goals and
accomplishments with others who can then act as your digital cheerleaders
for your workout. Go team you!

Rules for Smart Online Shopping

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Rules for Smart Online Shopping

Shopping online in today's age is the new norm. Whether you're buying groceries through
an app or purchasing products on Amazon, you'll want to be able to keep your money
and identity as safe as possible through all your many virtual transactions.

Protecting Your Purchases

Shopping in the virtual marketplace works for customers only when there are proper protections
put in place to keep your personal information safe as you shop. Scammers are always on the
lookout for people to take advantage of. However, by reading up on some of the best practices
for shopping on the Internet, you can make sure all of your purchases are safely protected.

1. Know the True Value of Your Purchase

When buying any items that are popular or easily mass-produced, it is simple to compare
prices on different shopping sites. For deals on specific items, you'll want to try visiting
thrift stores, consignment shops, or the online stores of smaller companies.

the item's authenticity before making a deal. It will only hurt you if you fail to ask for

For example, if you have had your eyes on a clipless curling iron that is retailing in store
for a higher amount than they are online, you'll want to be sure to contact the seller and
ask for proof of authenticity, additional photos or copies of written assessments.

2. Hold On to Your Money

On the Internet, plastic wins over cash. Any seller that asks for customers to send a
money order, a wire transfer or personal check should make you suspicious. Paying
with a credit card means you may have to reach out to the card company to help in
getting a refund for your purchases.

If you are worried about giving a vendor access to your credit card info,
to the customer.

However, be sure to link your PayPal account to a credit card as opposed to your
checking account. If there is a dispute with your purchase and you can't return the
item, you will only be able to receive $2,000 from PayPal, but you it is still a great
option if you plan to make regular purchases online.

3. Stay on Site

stores’ websites, asking them to do business through their emails or any other alternative
website. If this is the case, the best thing to do is to cancel whatever purchase you are
trying to make.

The safeguards that online stores possess are much safer than doing any sort of
transaction offsite. As soon as you've done all the necessary research, you should
be able to safely complete your online purchase.  

Make sure that the transaction goes through before you exit or reload the website, in
order to make sure that you aren't losing money without actually completing the

4. Look for the Lock
To ensure that your online purchases are safe, be sure to only use websites
and online stores that are safe. Don't ever buy any products online using a
known as SSL, encryption installed--at the least. You'll be able to tell if your site of
choice has SSL because the website's URL will start with HTTPS:// and not just

Additionally, an icon of a locked padlock will appear next to the website's URL in the
address bar or towards the bottom of your internet browser in the status bar. To keep
making sure your purchases are as safe as possible, be sure to never give up your
credit card or personal information through the email or the phone.

5. Do Not Overshare Information

While you will have to give information up to complete a purchase, you will never
have to provide all of your important information to complete a purchase. For
example, no online shopping store needs to have your social security number
or your date of birth to do business with you.

However, if criminals get this information along with your credit or debit card
numbers, then they can do a lot of damage like stealing your identity and
your money.

Now that you know how to safely and successfully perform your Internet
transactions, you'll become more comfortable with buying and selling products
online. As you get used to the modern day marketplace, be sure to keep all of
these tips in mind to protect yourself for the future.

While shopping online may seem dangerous to some, it can be just as safe as an
in-store purchase when the right precautions are taken.