Recovering From The Festive Crunch

Right about now is the time that all your pending transactions will have come out. You’ll realise there’s still another month until you get paid, and your heart will start pounding. But relax, there’s plenty of ways in which you can help your finances recover from the festive crunch. With so long until the next payday, it really is important that you try to do is sooner rather than later. Plans for New Years don’t exactly make this any easier, but we’ve devised a couple of ideas that should help you recover in no time. The main thing is making sure you’re strict with yourself.

Avoid Sales

This is a big issues for men and women alike. The lure of the boxing day sales and New Years day sales are all too much for some people. But to make it even worse, the sales now seem to last for the whole of the Christmas period, it really is a nightmare for serial shopping adicts. If you’ve been given a bit of cash for Christmas, then that’s great, you should go out and treat yourself. But, be careful. Make sure you only take out the cash money that you’ve been given. There’s a lot of people out there that take their whole purse. They’ll spend their Christmas money in on store, then the lure of other stores means the card comes out. Don’t let this be you. Try and think about the rest of the month that you’re trying to get through!

Help Yourself

A lot of us are guilty of overspending at Christmas. A lot of people enjoy watching other people open their presents, rather than actually opening their own. This leads to a lot of cash being splashed. But when Christmas is over and you check your bank account, it can nearly make you have a heart attack. A quick solution to make sure you’re not panicking for the rest of the month is a credit card. They solve a lot of issues, but also create some, so you need to make sure you’re only using them for emergencies. You also need to have a decent credit score to get one. If you don’t, you can check out best credit cards for fair credit. It’ll help to take that edge off the rest of the month. A lot of companies pay a week early as well as they won’t be open during Christmas, but staff still have to wait until the end of Jan for the next pay. This is where a credit card can really come in handy.

Hide Away

You’re no doubt going to have one final blow out for New Years, we all will be. But after that you really need to make sure you hide away if you want to keep your finances looking at least decent. Just for January, chose a movie on the sofa rather than a meal out. Or make a nice home cooked meal rather than that Friday takeaway you love so much. It will take self control, but we’re sure you can do it for one month!


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