Indoor Play with Baby Cubby

Winter is here, and we are preparing for many long months of indoor play, snowy weather and cabin fever. With an active little one in the house, that means play time needs to cover a lot of bases. There are afterall, wiggles, jiggles and giggles to get out!

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We are taking play time to a new level of fun with Baby Cubby. This is such a fun shop that finding ways to make indoor play enticing is a breeze.

Harp is all about romping, roaring and stomping, so the Jurassic Adventure Wooden Playset was so much fun! On the first chilly rainy day we had an adventure fit for the Jurassic time period. As a parent, I love that Baby Cubby offers toys that are screen and battery free for engaging and imaginative play sessions for growing minds!

Harp has a soft spot for all things cute and cuddly, so finding a friend or two to help her pass an indoor day was a must. We are both still swooning for the Maileg Mouse Plush Toy Collection.   Mum and Dad in Cigar Box and Baby Twins in a Matchbox were the perfect choice to inspire hours of dramatic family play. These are possibly the cutest little things ever. They are unique, perfectly sized for tiny hands and I love the storage that is included via the boxes!

Dramatic play is so important for growing minds and bodies! It helps children to form the foundations for friendships as well as offer an outlet for making sense of situations in their life, on a much smaller level. Having a tiny family to use as a dramatic play tool will be helpful in preparing and coping with the new experience of preschool for Harp.

Indoor play needs to incorporate movement to keep kids balanced. Finding suitable ways for active indoor play seems like a daunting task, but keeping things simple is often the key. Harp and I have been hopping around in style like beautiful little bunnies with these Meri Meri Bunny Ear Hair Accessories. These are adorable felt ears that will put the hop in your little ones step and keep them playing, pretending and looking pretty. I love that these are so affordable at $7 a pair and can entice little ones to get their wiggles out bunny style.

If you too are preparing for indoor play on fall and winter days, I highly recommend checking out The Baby Cubby site. They have an impressive selection for babies, toddlers and parents that features some of the best options in gear, toys and feeding.


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