The Secrets To Great Cheekbones

The Secrets To Great Cheekbones

No need to feel bashful about it. The truth is that just about everyone has attempted to suck in their cheeks just a bit in order to achieve extra definition in the face. The good news is that because of a series of innovations in the beauty world, there is no longer a need to pull such faces in order to look your best. By utilizing the tips and tricks that follow, it is possible to create a runway-level look in no time.

Prior to jumping in, it should be noted that every makeup artist has a different way of addressing cheekbones, so everyone should feel confident enough to experiment on their own.
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Selecting The Perfect Blush

The first task at hand is to choose a preferred form of blush, whether it is a cream, powder or gel formulation. While gels and creams can certainly offer a wonderfully dewy appearance, they can sometimes be challenging in terms of the blending process. Working with a badly-chosen hue or using questionable application methods can generate a decidedly clown-like result. Just as is the case with every type of makeup, practice is often the key to mastering blush.

The next step in the journey is to identify a blush shade that suits your own skin tone. Broadly speaking, those with warm-toned skin do best with earthier shades such as terra cotta. Folks with cooler tones to their skin ought to choose pinks, plums and mauve shades. According to Dore Aesthetics, neutral skin tones do well with rose and coral colors.

Substituting Bronzer For Blush

Bronzer is a product that can be truly frightening, particularly for novices. This is because there is often a thin line separating a brilliant, beachy glow from the look of an overdone reality television starlet. Luckily, there is likely a product on the market to suit every type of skin. The key is to determine what it is and use it the right way.

It is possible to use bronzers instead of blush or in conjunction with it, especially in the summertime. Bronzer can be found in powder or cream formats, some of which provide a bit of shimmer or glow. It is wise to sample a few different bronzers in order to be certain about the proper shade in all types of lighting.

Contouring The Cheeks

Individuals who doubt their artistic capabilities may be afraid to grab a contouring brush and get to work. They may have a misconception that contouring is unlikely to make a great deal of difference and that it will take a great deal of time. This could not be further from the truth. Just about every celebrity takes advantage of contouring when making public appearances. It really does slim the face and give stunning definition to boot. There are several useful techniques with which to tinker.

First, consider using a lighter shade of blush atop the cheekbone itself and then adding a darker tone of blush beneath. Or, to achieve a sculpted appearance, use a duo of foundation colors by applying the dark one beneath the cheekbone and the lighter one for the rest of the face. Add a bit of powder to finish, and the effect is sure to impress.

Matte face powders that are roughly two shades darker than the normal skin tone can be used to build a more natural contouring effect. Take a smaller brush blush than would typically be used, sweep product across the forehead, beneath the jaw and below the cheekbones.

Less obvious, yet still desirable results can be achieved by using the powder just under the cheekbones and nowhere else, starting from the temples and moving downward.

Keep in mind that the first attempt at contouring may not produce the greatest results. Practice does make perfect, so continue refining the techniques described above.


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