Types Of Snow Blowers For Removing Snow

Types Of Snow Blowers For Removing Snow
Blowing off snow in the winter season that experiences heavy snowfall especially at night seems to be a hectic job. One needs to go out for various purpose be it work, school or some other needs but then one cannot pick up the shovel every day and start to dg snow and then go to work. The work of digging out snow is neither feasible nor time effective. For a person who resides in a place that receives an adequate amount of snowfall every year, a snow blower would be one of the best choices for getting rid of snow every morning.
Blowing of snow is a time taking phenomenon but then it is not tiring when the machine is on work and no man power is required as it is required in digging snow off with the shovel. Purchasing a snow blower tends to be an easy job but then the various types of snow blowers available in the market often tends to get people in to a confusion of which one to buy and what choice would be feasible for the long term use. In order to purchase the best suited snow blower one must consider some factors related to the snow fall and area needed to be cleared.
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Not every place receives the same density of snow fall. Below are some of the types of snow blowers and their individual work power for making the decision taking phenomenon easy-
Single stage snow blower- it is the first stage snow blower that helps in cleaning driveways and pavements for the areas that receive a very low snow fall. It is light in weight and covers an average width. It is easy to use and is ideal for cleaning up narrow pavements. It is average in size and hence easy to store. Not feasible for blowing snow from a wide area. The auger can be handled via remote control and it blows off snow up to a certain distance.
Two stage snow blower- higher in cost when compared to the single stage snow blower but is ideal for areas that receive moderate snow fall every year. It can remove snow that is 16 inches deep and on wide drive ways. Not ideal for narrow pavements at all. Bigger in size and hence takes a big place to store. Throw up snow to a large distance because of the impeller attached to it that rotates along with the auger.
Three stage snow blower- a three stage snow blower is far more effective than that of the two stage snow blower as it removes snow up to 50% more as compared to the afore mentioned blowers. It is high on cost and is adequate for areas that receive heavy rainfall for the maximum part of the year.
Purchasing a snow blower cannot be done at a cheap amount. One needs to spend dollars on it but then purchasing the one that suits the best can be an investment.


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