7 Unmissable Attractions in Jackson Hole

The valleys are always known for their exotic beauty and the scenic views they provide to the visitors. The valleys are often visited by the tourists owing to the multitude attractions they offer. Jackson Hole is a valley located between Teton range of mountains and the Gros Ventre Range in the Wyoming state of United States of America. It is located in the western side of the United States of America.

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The valley was not known to the masses until the 19th century. In fact, it was only inhabited by a single woman. Several Expeditions were conducted by a team of environmentalists to examine the place and it was found that the place is suitable for a holiday session. The region is also marked by certain unique species of wildlife. The place got its name from a team headed by a person called Jackson. It is called a hole owing to its geographical features and resemblance to a hole.
The place was used by the Native Americans for their ceremonial activities and seasonal festivals. The cattle rearing is the prime purpose of the area due to the rare breed of plants that grow in that particular place. The place does not have the soil that supports agricultural activities. The climatic conditions are so severe that the place does not permit visitors in the extreme winters.
Not to miss places in Jackson Hole:
The Cabins in Jackson Hole are really great and here are a few things not to miss in Jackson Hole.
Jackson Hotel Mountain Resort:
The special feature of this resort is that it provides day time passes apart from its boarding facilities. Mostly people don’t prefer staying in the resort at nights due to the teeth biting cold conditions that prevail in the hills. The hill slopes dining option, the skiing features, paragliding are few of the adventures the mountain resort has to offer.
There are lift options whose tickets has to be purchased well in advance as the tickets are sold as soon as the counter opens. The facility is available between November to April. There is also tram that runs in the foothills of the resort. All these facilities are provided as a wholesome package for those who want to enjoy everything at one place.

Granite Hot Spring:
The Hot springs are a characteristic feature of the Jackson Hole. The Granite Hot Springs is located about 34 miles from the Jackson Hole. It is located about 7000 feet from the sea level. Hot Springs are generally the best visited during winters as the cold atmosphere provides a soothing effect with the hot waters. The place cannot be reached via cars. Snow glides, ski and snow bikes are some of the options available.

National Elk Refuge:
Have a Christmas Eve feel that Santa provides. The Elk is a type of deer that is the specialty of the place. The Elks can be spotted in their natural habitat in the winters if one takes a sleigh ride. The Elk comes out of their habitat in search of food in the winters and the staff at the National Elk Refuge feed the Elks. The National Elk Refuge has no entry fee.
Jackson Hole Play House:
The Jackson Hole Play House stages plays and other performances to keep the tourists entertained post dawn. It is existent for a long time. The Jackson Play House is the major tourist attraction which the tourists flock when the sun sets. The Jackson Hole Play House does not serve great food. Thus, people move to their respective resorts after their time of leisure at the Play House. Thus, Jackson Hole has aplenty ways to keep the tourists entertained and enjoy their time of stay there.
Grand Teton National Park:
The Grand Teton National Park is the continuation of the Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Teton national park is situated between the Jackson Hole and the Yellowstone National Park. It has great natural lakes, plenty of varied wildlife, snowcapped peaks views that make the visit to the Park worth it. Grand Teton National Park is known for its fur trading owing to the elk, bison population. The Park has an entrance fee and the Yellowstone National Park has separate entrance fee. The Park cannot be visited by cars after a certain distance, hiking is the option available. Some other option is the usage of jeeps.
Go for Sight Seeing in an open-air vehicle:
The various eye-catching places in the Jackson Hill location cannot be reached by cars/ private vehicles. To have an uninterrupted view of both the hills as well as the animals, one can prefer a ride in the open-air vehicles that charge very less for single rides.
Go for air ride to enjoy the Snow-Capped Peaks:
A Flight ride over the snow-capped peaks that would take over 60 minutes is definitely worth the price paid. The scenic beauty of the Teton Mountain ranges is beautifully viewed from the airplanes.
Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum:
For all the History Buffs, the Jackson Hole Historical Museum is a delight to the eyes. The place has the things used by the Native Americans and other items of heritage.
National Museum of Wildlife Art:
The National Museum of Wild Life Art has artefacts of flora and fauna that even dates to 2500 BC. This place boasts of arts of renowned artists.

These are very few reasons to state why a visit to Jackson Hole is worth the time and money. Certain timeless beauty cannot be described in words; one has to be physically present in that location to experience it.


  1. Beautiful place. I love the river rafting I did there.

  2. Sounds like a great place to visit. I'd love to see the elks in their natural habitat

  3. When I was growing up in Greeley, CO, we went up to Jackson hole every summer. We'd fish and ride horses and go river rafting. Beautiful place.


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