Titanium vs. Tungsten: Pick the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands

Titanium vs. Tungsten: Pick the Best Metal for Men’s Wedding Bands
Titanium and tungsten are two of the best cost-effective alternative to high priced men’s wedding bands. Both of these contemporary metals are dominating the men’s jewelry market. These wedding bands are styled to fit and cater to the lifestyle of every man. Since both the ring metals have similar appearances, shoppers often get confused with the two.

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Tungsten and titanium men’s wedding rings are quite different from each other is different aspects. So, if you are considering shopping for men’s wedding bands and confused between these two materials, here is a guide to help you out in making the best decision.
When it comes to price, both titanium and tungsten men’s wedding bands are affordable alternatives to platinum, gold, and palladium wedding rings for men. They are contemporary materials and have been priced reasonably based on their craftsmanship, manufacturer, and quality. These factors can affect the price in both the materials, although none of them has any sort of advantage over the other. It is up to you to determine which material will go well with your style, as the budget is quite similar for both.
While tungsten carbide is an element composed of the rare metal tungsten and an equivalent number of carbon atoms, titanium metal is generally alloyed with other elements to create a compound that is used in jewelry. Typically, the titanium metal is mixed with aluminum and vanadium. At least eighty-five percent of titanium is found in the most usual titanium jewelry.
Strength and Durability
In contrast to the precious metals, both titanium and tungsten are hard and can endure a high level of stress. When it comes to purchasing men’s wedding bands, in particular, you must pay attention to the toughness, durability, and strength to bear the daily wear and tear of the ring metals. Both titanium and tungsten can be easily exposed to rough circumstances; however, tungsten often has a slight advantage over titanium in terms of durability. For more details, you can browse the various options available on https://www.mensweddingbands.com.
Scratch and Damage Resistance
If you wish for a men’s wedding ring that will come with a long-lasting shine and luster then it is imperative to consult with the jeweler regarding the durability of the metal. A metal, which is highly durable, can easily resist scratches and cracks. For this, you have to take the lifestyle and daily profession of the groom into account while buying the ring. Both titanium and tungsten are popular for their scratch-resistant nature. Although, when comparing the two tungsten seems to be a better choice due to its toughness and its unique quality to keep the polish intact for many years. However, both these metals are a great choice if you are looking for a crack-resistant men’s wedding band.

Final Thought
Titanium also has an advantage over tungsten when it comes to hypoallergenic quality. It is an ideal choice for people who suffer from skin allergies. The aforementioned qualities highlight the properties of tungsten and titanium men’s wedding bands. Choose the right metal for your wedding ring and get a valuable product.


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