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Whenever a couple is expecting twins, the first thing comes to mind is thus. Are they fraternal or identical (though if you asked them that question they would certainly unravel that mystery fast)? Are they boys or girls, or if they are fraternal could they be one of each?

In fact, there seems to be a slight increase in twin pregnancies nowadays. Obviously twin births happened years, decades and centuries ago too (however twins born centuries and even decades ago had a less survival rate due to the fact medical technology either didn’t exist or was in its infantile stages).

However, not only has the twin birth mortality rate declined due to better medical technology, but fertility treatments such as IVF are on the rise- which could explain why twin births are happening more than they did before. Clomidand twins often go hand in hand!

For instance, celebrities such as George and Amal Clooney recently had boy/girl twins and they named the boy Alexander and the girl Ella. There is nothing unusual about those set of names. However, Beyonce and Jay Z had twins this past summer as well, and named the boy Sir and the girl Rumi. That is an interesting set of twin names.

Now that we are on the topic of twin names, there are several other name combinations for twins whether they are boys, girls, or boy/girl twins. Some names are rather unusual and some are not. Either way, these are nice!

Hazel and Maeve - girls

The name Hazel is coming back as it has been used since the 9th century, as it is an English name which represents the hazel tree. This is when plant and flower names became popular, but the popular of Hazel has died down for a while until it started having a come back recently.

The name Maeve is a Celtic name which represents a mythical queen. However, the combination of Hazel and Maeve are beautiful! A great idea for twin girls.

Nova and Wyatt- boy/girl

This is a Canadian sounding pair but sound awesome together. Nova comes from Nova Scotia and Wyatt is a trending name of boys in Canada. When you have this pair together, it certainly will give it a taste of the great white north!

Easton and Parker- boy/girl
Hudson and Beckett- boys
Lennox and Emerson- girls

These names are quite cool considering there is a last name trend happening, therefore, these combos together sound neat for twin names.

Cordelia and Ophelia- girls

Since Shakespearean names are making a come back, both names have had a surge in popularity just in this past year. Cordelia was from King Lear, and Ophelia was from Hamlet, and both of their lives did end in tragedy, however that thought rarely crosses the minds of those who love Shakespearean names! These are one of the prettiest set of names around. Therefore, this is a great twin combo for girls.

Desdemona and Adriana- girls

Here is another set of Shakespearean names that sound great together for twin girls. Desdemona is from Othello, and Adriana is from The Comedy of Errors. Adriana has been used steadily as a name for girls for decades, but Desdemona had a huge increase in popularity over this past year. This is a great pair of names for girls.

Arthur and Eloise- boy/girl

These names were inspired by classic childhood books, and sound absolutely adorable together as a boy/girl twin name pair.

Charlotte and Sawyer- boy/girl

Here is another pair for boy/girl twins that are inspired from childhood books, such as Charlotte’s Web and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

Heaven and Nevaeh- girls

There are some that may say that this pair of names for twin girls sound cheesy together but they also have a beautiful side to them. Nevaeh spells Heaven backwards and that is the only reason that some may say this sounds a little dorky. Maybe dorky, but certainly gorgeous for girls.

Cedric and Fleur- boy/girl

If you’re a bit of a TV nerd and are a true Harry Potter fan, then there is no secret that this pair of names would strike your fancy if you had boy/girl twins. It does sound quite nice together.

Nahele and Ikaia- boys

This a lovely pair of Hawaiian names for boys because of their melodic sounds, and this pair sounds incredibly exotic.

Arlo and Elias- boys, or boy/girl

Arlo is a very unusual boy name that has become popular over the past year, but Leighton Meester and Adam Brody named their daughter Arlo. Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato named their son Elias, and both names just go well together. You could either use them as names for boy twins or if you choose to use Arlo for a girl, it could work for boy/girl twins as well.

Pax and Odin- boys

These names are certainly inspired from mythology, and many people like these kinds of names because of the mystical vibe they give off. These sound great as names for twin boys.

Esme and Imogen- girls

Both names are a beautiful set for twin girls, as both of them mean beloved. Nothing works better than naming your twin girls after something that literally means beloved.

Arctica and Iclyn- girls

If you absolutely love winter and snow, this pair could be an idea if you are into the idea of naming your twin daughters unusual wintery names. The name Arctica is a name that some Natives in Canada use, and if you really want to become more unique- you could even use Antarctica as a name, as an editor of Esquire magazine named her daughter Antarctica born in 2011, as one of the descendants of the Rothschild family has Antarctica as a middle name.

However, most parents would prefer to use Arctica because Antarctica could be an invitation for ridicule. However, either name could turn into a nickname of Tica, which also is pretty.

The name Iclyn means idealist or compassionate, and it certainly is a perfect fit for winter. If you want to name your twin daughters after unique features of winter, this is an idea to play around with.

Twin Name Ideas

If you are looking for ideas for names of twins whether you want to pass this along to those who you know are having twins, or if you are- or just enjoy playing around with names- this is a great list of ideas for unique and cool twin names. 


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