Straight Shaft vs. Curved Shaft: Which Weed Trimmer is The Correct Choice for You?

Straight Shaft vs. Curved Shaft: Which Weed Trimmer is The Correct Choice for You?
When your lawn starts to look messy, and there are patches of weed growing under the deck, in the corners of the patio and under the chain link fences, it is time to take out your weed trimmer. Is your regular electric trimmer or battery operated weed whacker enough to reach these places? Can they get the weed from their roots? Can you clean the lawn without getting a sore back and bruised hands?
If you have a gas string trimmer, then the answer to all these questions should be a resounding "Yes." Gas trimmers are indeed more cumbersome, but as a result, they are more powerful. They have a better reach. There are quite a few types of trimmers running on gas and oil in the market right now. It makes getting the right trimmer for your job both easy and challenging in different ways. The sheer variety ensures that you will find at least one trimmer will all the features you need, but it also means that you will have a more difficult time picking just one. This post contains partner or contributed content.
Picking the right type of gas string trimmer for your lawn
Firstly, you need to know the basic types of trimmers that can help you in whacking weeds in your yard or lawn. The most apparent variation comes from their design. At any suitable store, you will find at least two kinds – the straight shaft trimmers and the curved shaft trimmer models. Their different builds provide a diverse range of reach and support versatile functions. The decision should depend on your comfort and your needs.
Straight shaft weed eaters
A straight shaft trimmer is brilliant for attachment accommodation. They are way more flexible and have a greater torque. Several new straight shaft models allow the removal of the cutting head and complete replacement with a different head. Interestingly, some of the options also include pole saws, hedge clippers, cultivators for tilling soil and fancy trimmers for hedge designs. However, the extended shaft length obviously means heavier machinery. They also provide lesser balance, and the prices are considerably lower.
Curved shaft weed eaters
The curved shaft models are smaller and much more compact. Therefore, they are always lighter. It is ideal for people of short stature. They are correctly balanced, and they are suitable for smaller sized areas. For taller people, the short arm length is a distinct disadvantage. Taller folks will have to bend over and longer hours of weed whacking with a curved shaft trimmer can lead to backaches and posture problems. They also provide less power and torque due to the curvature. The cable driveline is the only option for any curved model, and the lifespan is not as impressive. They usually do not come with attachments or fit attachments.
Most professionals and people who often engage in garden work will invest in gas trimmers with a straight shaft. However, if you lack the funds and the muscle power, a curved shaft weed eater might just be the option for you.


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