The truth about blooming tea - Why does everyone need it today?

We already know quite a bit about the good qualities of tea. Both black tea and green tea have their fair share of fame in the western market. Over the years we also see a steady rise in the popularity of white tea, oolong tea and silver needle green tea. Blooming tea is all the craze now. Apart from tea leaves, this kind of tea also includes edible flowers at the very center of the tea ball or tea bud. Therefore, this variety of tea combines the best qualities of tea leaves with that of these flowers.
Lily is great for the treatment of insomnia, while marigold sends a host of antioxidants coursing through our system. Similarly, globe amaranth is great for a cough and cold, rose boosts circulation and Chinensis removes heat from the system. The heart of a dried edible flower has the power to heal a lot of stress-related, anxiety-generated, lifestyle diseases among people.
These qualities make these blooming tea gift sets perfect for your friends and loved ones, who might need a gentle touch of pure health in life. The unique composition has some unique health benefits that you would be gifting your loved one along with the amazing gift set –
Balances metabolism
The presence of marigold, lily, and Chinensis in the flowering tea can boost metabolic rates. Their presence can aid the removal of toxins and nasty free radicals that cause cell damage and aging.
Anti-cancer properties
Regular exposure to the UVA and UVB rays of the sun and the inhalation of pollutants can damage our skin, lungs, immune system and a lot more. We expose ourselves to carcinogens daily, without knowing. Flowering tea has enough anti-oxidant to reverse the cell injury, heal DNA damage and reverse the mutagenic effects of some pollutants.
Relieves stress
Green tea has stress-busting properties. The presence of relaxing flower elements can improve the action of this tea on your nervous system. Blooming tea calms you down, reduce stress and anxiety levels and promote sound sleep. This is mainly due to the presence of theanine and essential amino acids that can cure insomnia.
Flowering tea or blooming tea has all the elements that can improve the health of your heart. Blooming tea regulates the LDL cholesterol that is usually responsible for arterial narrowing and blockage. It reduces the risks of thrombosis and cardiac arrests in the future.

Promotes brain health
People were highly skeptical about it, till some teams of scientists prove the fact that drinking tea boosts brain function. Tea contains catechins and other bioactive molecules that can have a protective effect on the neurons. Drinking tea can delay the onset of genetic disorders including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
Blooming tea has added anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and immune-boosting powers that can benefit tea drinkers of all ages. Contrary to old beliefs, even kids can now benefit from drinking tea regularly due to their immunity boosting and fast healing properties.
Author Bio:Sara Jane is a tea sommelier and a full-time blogger. Get to know everything about blooming tea gift sets before you invest in one.


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