The Ultimate Guide To Cooking Up A Culinary Storm In The Kitchen

If you love nothing more than hosting a dinner party for pals, cooking a roast for the family on a Sunday or experimenting with flavors in the kitchen, the chances are that you consider yourself a dab hand when it comes to all things culinary. You might pride yourself on the fact that you can slice an onion in seconds, you know your cilantro from your chard, and you can butcher a chicken. However, often when we look at our own kitchens, they aren’t necessarily conducive to cooking up a feast. If your kitchen has seen better days, has a decade old oven and could do with a bit of reconfiguration, take a look at this ultimate guide to realizing your culinary queen dreams.


If you’re looking for ways to rejuvenate your cooking area, the first thing you should consider upgrading is your hob. This is the place you saute your veg, cook up a stock and reduce a mean jus. While you may be the biggest advocate of a gas fired hob, it might be time to consider induction. It’s safer for the family, it’s more energy efficient and you will have more control over the cooking of your food. The heat is dispersed in a more even way, and your pasta, veg and ragus will cook faster saving you money on your utility bills. This post has been contributed by a guest.

If your tomatoes are bruised simply because you are cutting them with cheap or blunt knives, it’s time to invest in better bits of kit. Knives are a vital tool for any well-respected chef. Chopping a sweet pepper should feel like gliding through butter. If you have adequate knives, you may wish to invest in a knife sharpener instead to give your blades a new lease of life. Sites like Cut It Fine give impartial reviews of all the latest tools and will provide a guide to the best value bits of equipment for your kitchen. No matter what your budget is, there will be a knife sharpener out there for you and your blades.

Work Top

If you are busy in the kitchen, cooking up a storm every night of the week, you’ll need a work surface that is durable, hard wearing and strong. While wooden surfaces look great in country kitchens, they need to be treated and oiled regularly to ensure they don’t warp or stain. Engineered laminates are becoming popular as they are strong and can withstand heat. Alternatively, if you have a big budget, you could opt for quartz or granite work surfaces to give your kitchen a show home look.


While many people still enjoy the tradition of washing their own dishes, many more don’t. A dishwasher, while once the realm of the wealthy, has become much more affordable in recent years. Instead of skipping past a recipe in a book because it uses too many utensils, trays and pans that you will only have to wash up later, you can now cook away to your heart’s content using every pot in your cupboard because you know you have your trusty dishwasher to load up and take on the cleaning later.

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and they are even more integral when a member of the household relishes testing out their latest culinary creations on the family. Use these ideas to inspire your next kitchen renovation.


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