Stalling during HCG Diet? Here Are the Reasons and Solutions

When you start your HCG diet, you expect to lose some weight every day. And, this is what you are promised by the promoters of HCG diets. If the weight lose stops and stalls, you get frustrated. Some people who are very well convinced about the effectiveness of HCG diet, start beating themselves for not being a good dieter. Those who start the diet for testing its effectiveness, directly blame HCG to be a scam. You are entirely wrong. The best bet, when you face a problem, is to search for the reason and solution to it without blaming yourself or anyone else. We have prepared this article only to bring you on the right path of searching a solution to a problem, rather than playing blame games and giving up.
First, you need to understand that you are not the only person experiencing a pause during your weight loss programme. In fact, most of the dieters experience this phase at one or the other point in their dieting programme. Obviously, the effect of this stall differs from person to person. Let us see the common reasons, behind the stoppage of weight loss, during the HCG diet along with their solutions. This post contains partner contributed content.
You are not following protocols perfectly
Whenever you see a halt in your weight loss, be double sure that you are following the protocols perfectly. Stay calm, and, sit down in a relaxed mood to read the protocols of the diet carefully. Keep a notepad handy to record every single detail that you may have forgotten or ignored. The HCG protocols have been developed after lots of studies, so, don’t try to customize it as per your wish. Don’t get hopeless or start beating yourself if you find that you have skipped a step or cheated on your HCG diet. Just start following everything from that very moment; every point on the protocol is written for a reason. For staying true to your HCG diet, you must know what is the HCG diet and how does it work.
Your diet has become too monotonous
Do you have a meal plan? Is it the same plan every day? If you answered yes to both of the questions, then you have probably found the exact reason for your problem. By eating the same food every day, you’ll be following HCG protocol, but, it does not suit your body’s natural rhythm. When you eat the same food every day, you confuse your body that it is not gaining enough nutrients. And, then the body slows down its metabolic rate to conserve energy. There are a number of fruits and vegetables allowed on the HCG diet. Keep your meals varied by mixing and matching different things on different days.
Your body is experiencing hormone fluctuations due to the menstrual cycle
Obviously, this point is exclusively for females. The male and female bodies are designed differently and hence they react differently to HCG diet programme. A female body has to deal with lots of hormone fluctuations on the onset of her menstrual cycle and this may disturb the HCG hormone injected into the body during the course of the diet. If this is the case, stay calm. Your body is already dealing with myriads of hormones; don’t add some more stress and anxiety hormones to mess up things further. This is a temporary phase that will go, once your body resumes its normal condition.

Your bowel movement is not adequate
Infrequent bowel movement and constipation are one of the most common reasons for a weight loss plateau. When your digestive system is not working properly, every other system is affected badly. You should move your bowels two times a day. If it doesn’t happen you need to do something for clearing off your rectum. The simplest and best way to keep your bowels moving adequately is to flush your system with lots of water. If you read the HCG protocol carefully, you’ll find the suggestion to drink lots of water. But, if you find no or very less improvement even after drinking an adequate amount of water, then, you can consider adding soluble fiber to your glass of water. Psyllium powder can be the easiest option of soluble fiber, you can get. Try to get unadulterated Psyllium powder from a nutrition store.
You are not eating enough
Some people do the mistake of eating less than 500-calories a day, to lose more weight. If you are among those people, stay warned, this can do more harm than good. The target of 500-calorie is the minimum mark and not the maximum mark. You should be consuming 500-550 calories every day. If you consume less than 500 calories, you may see weight loss in the beginning, but, it will eventually slow down your metabolism rate. Start consuming enough calories and you’ll find your weight loss resumes.
Your body is used to the 500-calorie diet
This one is the most frustrating reason. If you don’t find any particular reason for hitting the weight loss plateau, then your body might have naturally adjusted itself to the 500-calorie diet. And, this happens with many of us. Dr. Simeons, the original developer of the HCG diet, has given a way to overcome this problem. He suggests observing an apple day. On an apple day, you do not need to eat anything except for apples. You have to eat 6 apples all day long and drink as little water as you can. An apple day is considered the best way to deal with a weight loss stall. Remember, an apple day is to be followed for just one day. From the very next day, you have to get back to your usual routine.
Your body is no more responding to the HCG hormones
This is not something that happens very frequently, but, some people get immune to the HCG hormone. If nothing is working for you, then it might be that your body is no more responding to the hormones. Skipping one shot of the hormone every week is a good way to bring your body out of this unresponsive phase. But, don’t do it yourself. You must consult an HCG diet expert to be sure that your body is actually not responding to the HCG hormone. And, if that’s the case skipping a shot will surely help you.
You have already attained the ideal weight

One of the reasons for the weight loss plateau may be that you have already attained your ideal weight. So, make sure to check if your weight has reached the right position as per your height and age. Being underweight is equally bad as being overweight. So, don’t be stubborn in reducing your weight below the ideal position. What you need to do at this point is to focus your efforts on maintaining the weight rather than reducing it. And, be happy that you do not need to stay on a diet anymore.
Hope you found a solution to your problem after reading this article. If not, then consult an HCG expert personally, but, don’t give up. Losing hope or giving up is never the right way to deal with any problem.


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