What Type of Metal Roofing Should You Be Buying For Your House?

Once upon a time roofing was all about conventional natural materials such as stone, asphalt or wood. Over a period of time more modern materials have flooded the market allowing customers to choose from more efficient and better-priced alternatives. The most recent rage in the market is metal roofing. Metal roofing has emerged as a cult favourite choice in the recent past for its light weight, low maintenance, energy efficiency and its exceptional ability to combat external hazards. This post contains partner information.
Many professional residential roofing contractors Dearborn MI today recommend metal roofing over other types of material for their high durability and long life. That being said, metal roofing itself is a very broad category. Within metal roofing, there are a number of subtypes and each of them is priced differently with their own pros and cons. This makes buying metal roofing a confusing decision since many naïve customers are not aware of what type of metal roofing will be best suited for their property. Knowing the difference between each type of metal roofing and their pros and cons will help you to make a more informed decision.

Copper Roofing
Copper is one of the oldest yet classiest roofing material and has been used for centuries. It is primarily known for its long life which can go well beyond 200 years of age. It is the softest variant among all type of metal roofing that is currently available in the market. On the positive side, the softness of the material helps to tone down the noise level during rain and hail, which is a common problem among all types of metal roofing. Unfortunately, being soft also means that hail can easily dent the roof. Although this does not damage the functionality of the roof, it still ruins its aesthetic appeal.
Copper also undergoes a lot of expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations, therefore, it needs a lot of planning and research before installing a copper roof. Environmentally, Copper is totally recyclable, which makes it a very environment-friendly option. The biggest drawback of copper is that it is extremely expensive, therefore it might not attract people who are constrained by budget.

Aluminum Roofing
If you are someone who is reluctant to go for metal roofing just because of the price, then you might want to look into Aluminum roofing, which is much more affordable and pocket-friendly compared to other metal counterparts. Aluminium is ideal for coastal climates or regions that experience high humidity due to its resistance to corrosion. It must be noted that while Aluminum is the cheapest of all types of metal roofing, it is still costlier than other general non-metal alternatives. As a result, many clients who opt for aluminium, use it in the form of thin sheets. While thinning the material helps cutting down the costs, it is also unsafe in extreme weather conditions. This is because strong winds, rains and hail can easily damage the thin sheets of aluminium and leave your roof non-functional for future.

Steel Roofing
Steel is primarily an alloy and has been widely used in the construction industry for quite a while. It has been commonly used for roofing in commercial buildings, and have recently gained popularity in the residential sector. It is very budget friendly and offers protection against extreme weather, rust, corrosion and fire. Steel roofing is further available in three types namely galvanized steel, galvalume steel and weathering steel.


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