20+ Funko Pop Figures for Collectors

Funko Pop figures are so much fun! I love to see all of the awesome renditions of famous people and characters that they come up with! Last month a friend of mine had 2 custom made for his engagement and I am in awe of how cute they turned out!

If you have a Funko Pop Collector on your holiday shopping list, here are 20 fun-tastic ideas for figures to add to their collection this Christmas. I am a participant in the amazon affiliate program. Making a purchase gives me a small commission at no cost to you.

Deadpool- Bob Ross Funko Pop
Buddy from Elf
Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation
The Dragon from Game of Thrones
Marvel Venom
Gizmo from Gremlins
Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty
Slash from Guns n Roses
Rainbow Brite and Twink
The Grinch
Ed Sheeran 
James Bond
Flying Rocket
Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation
Steve with Sunglasses from Stranger Things
Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat
Jon Snow from Game of Thrones
Skeletor in Battle Armor from Masters of the Universe

Cousin Eddie is my favorite! How fun is that? I can't wait to hear about your favorite from this list, or a special Funko Pop in your collection!


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