2!? Yes Indeedy!

My goodness! It is practically Friday already!I hope your week has been great! Mine has been busy! Kind of crazy, but that is nothing new! My husband is counting down the days until his summer vacation- one more week. Rolf and I are looking forward to it too! I like having my husband around! We haven't made huge summer plans, other than the Evil Dead the Musical and a day trip to Kelley's Island, and a week long visit with my niece. Do you have any exciting summer plans?

I want to go on a vacation, but I don't want to leave my dogs, as the little one is nervous as it is. I think taking them would be stressful, but on the other hand leaving them behind would be just as stressful  I love the boys and hate to be away from them! They are my kids too!

I really don't care if we do a whole lot of anything, truth be told. It will be nice having Adam around! He is really busy with working and going to college, and while I admire his dedication to our family I feel bad that he misses so many great moments in Rolf's life.

Rolf is amazing at 2 years old! He is really a wonderful child, and I wonder how I ever got so lucky. He is fun, he is adventurous, he loves to share. He can be very kind and loving, he is as handsome as any boy could ever be, he is hilarious, and he is very bright. He loves animals, he listens really well for a 2 year old, and he has the best sense of humor, if he gets the giggles, you will not be able to keep a straight face, he will have you cracking up too!

He had a nice birthday, the party was kind of a disappointment, with the exception of hanging out with SUSIE for a few minutes. Sunday, the actual birthday- was amazing!

When Rolf woke up, Adam and I had his Hungry Caterpillar play tent and tunnel assembled and waiting on him, we gave him more gifts, the Lettersaurus, 3 Cat in the Hat books, clothes, a few other really cool books, (A Winged Migration Jr Edition!) of course clothes and little dinosaurs.

After playtime and breakfast we went to this fun little place in Mansfield, The Little Buckeye Museum, where Rolf had a blast. He loved the water and garden display areas.Then we took 2 rides on the Carousel, at the park downtown, this is a favorite place for our family. After that we went to lunch, and took a trip to the Toy Store. Rolf wanted a new Cat in the Hat dvd and a broom. So, that is what he got! His final gift wont be here for another week or so, a little bouncy house thing for little guys. We decided at the last minute that this was a much needed toy, he can safely bounce in there.

This week has been fun as a Mom. Rolf is really into playing now, we play trucks, little people, we stack blocks, we play tag and a version of hide and seek. Rolf learned puzzles this week. He is growing up before my eyes, and every day he astonishes me.


  1. Evil Dead the musical? what is that exactly?

    I am helping a friend plan a wedding for July and have two gaming conventions to go to.


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