I survived the weekend! That is an accomplishment, or so it seems!

We had the birthday party, which had its ups and downs. I loved seeing my family, I hated that a certain someone didn't give my son a chance to see my family. I really feel like he wasn't even at his party, which is a whole other thing for another day.

On Sunday we took him to this little 'museum' for kids in Mansfield, he loved playing in the water and running around where other children were.

Then we took 2 rides on the carousel, went to Bob Evans for a really, uncharacteristically bad lunch. From there we hit up Toys R Us, where I indulged Rolf a little more, cause you only turn 2 once!

Rolf of course was showered with gifts from the family, he has a ton of cool things to play with. He melted my heart when out of all of the great things he received he picked out the books and Lettersarus that we got him and happily played with that stuff. He at one time included one of the outfits we bought him into this pile of stuff. I felt like, either he knew it was from us or we know him so well that we knew what he would love the most.

Aw, what a great kid!

Now, don't get me wrong, my son is wonderful! However, he is in the terrible 2 phase, and he is every bit as rotten as he is sweet. I know I gush about Rolf, and I just want you to know, don't be disillusioned, he is into everything these days!

For the past few weeks, I have been consumed by the birthday, the trip down for the party, the party, and personal drama surrounding the party. I feel relieved it is all over. So many things have suffered at my hands due to my focus of attention to things that in retrospect, didn't deserve much time at all.

Well, thanks for sticking it out with me! I am going to have some great reviews and giveaways starting this week. To give you a preview I have a personalized book review, a candy review and giveaway, a pet food review and giveaway, and a post on green cleaning products coming very soon!


  1. I know that feeling about your kid being as sweet as they are rotten. my son is 20 months old. He acts so spoiled about half the time and the other half is the sweetest, most considerate child I know.

  2. I understand weekends like this. Busy, busy, busy! Glad you survived!!


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