Fathers Day- A Memory

For Fathers Day 2012. I wanted to give my Dad something special, beyond the standard tools and movies I normally give him.

It took a while to find the perfect gift, something he did not already have.

A relative, who I consider to be a dear friend too supplied me with the perfect gift.

From left to right:
(Front)Leroy and Anna Six
 Back Row: Roy and Wilfred Six

This photo is my Dads Grandparents, his Uncle Roy and His Father, Wilfred.
My grandfather, Wilfred served during WW2, he lost his leg at the Battle of the Bulge. I never met him or any of the relatives in this photo.

When I gave my Dad this photo, his eyes misted over. He said "I have never even seen this photo before! Sara, where did you get this?"

I said "Oh, I know people."


  1. How absolutely wonderful! You are indeed a thoughtful daughter!


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