The Laundry Mat Friendship

My washing machine, made in 1978, has died. I tried to get my Dad to fix it, but he told me to give it up and buy a new one. Well, we are shopping around for a washer, but we haven't committed to one yet.

This has resulted in a trip to the laundrymat to wash my clothes, then I bring them home to dry.

I was fully prepared to be unhappy about this, but we have a decent little laundry mat here in our town. A 4 load machine is $4, and it takes 20 minutes to do laundry. The place is fairly clean too, which is a bonus!

Today we stopped to do the laundry, instead of walking to the park we just waited it out for 20 minutes. A Little boy came in with his Dad. He instantly went up to my son and gave him a hug. We all laughed, it was adorable.

My son was hooked! This little boy was awesome! They ran around together, they made dinosaur sounds together, they hugged each other. They kissed each others cheeks. It was heart melting. When the little impromptu play date was over my son cried, he liked his new little friend so much, he didn't want the fun to end.

It made me feel great to see my son having fun and playing, and letting his sweet little personality shine!

I feel like my son has been at a disadvantage socially. I have been trying for 2 years to set him up with play dates. The parents I have met with children of a similar age are usually much younger than I am. I have handed out about 40 Mommy and Me cards, but we have not had any play dates. We go to the park several times a week, but there are never any little kids at the park at least not that we have seen. It gets discouraging. Maybe I have unfortunate timing, but even when I take him to the mall to play, there are very few little kids there, with the exception of the older school aged kids.

At this point I feel desperate to help him develop friendships and to have a playmate. It caught me by surprise to find the laundry mat would help solve the problem. When you least expect it, what you seek will find you.


  1. I'm glad this worked out for your son. My daughter has few friends and only one she sees regularly.

    Too bad we don't live closer! I would jump at a chance to have a playdate with you and your son!

  2. That is so sweet! I am glad you found some kids! Is there a pool or summer place? School yard? Church? Rita Spratlen

  3. How adorable! Isn't it awesome how plans change... for the better! Here's to many more unexpected plans filled with joy :)

  4. It is hard when we are stay at home moms because then they arent around alot of kids. I worried about that with my son I ended up putting him in preschool and he has made some good friends. In August he will be going to Kindegarten and none of his friends from preschool will be going to the same school. I worry about him because he like to have friends so bad I did explain to him I am sure he will find new friends really fast. When I became a SAHM I signed up for Mom's Club in my town I just didnt click with any of the other moms so for awhile Adam didnt have any friends. Sounds like your son is social and friendly and wont have any problems making friends. I agree it is the best feeling to see them playing so well with other kids and being happy.

  5. Oh how neat! It is amazing how we get those get little unexpected surprises in life! :)


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