My dear friend Harold lost his battle with Lung Cancer last night. Harold was elderly, 88 years old I believe. He was old when I met him years ago, but his wit and kindness drew me to him, and we formed a friendship that I will always cherish.

I knew he was ill, but I held onto hope, foolish hope I know. No one lives forever.

This morning a sadness fills my heart. The worst part about growing older is that you have to say goodbye to the people you love before you are ready. At 32 I have lost so many friends and family already.

Harold, I miss you dear friend. I mourn for you, while I know so many people are rejoicing at their chance to see you again.


  1. i'm so sorry for your loss! my heart and prayers are with you as you move through these next difficult days...

  2. Saying goodbye is definitely one of the saddest parts of life =[ May he rest in peace.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss.I know I've lost family members and I also lost a dear friend I'd known for 31 yrs 8 yrs ago.We have to spend as much time as we can with those we love because we just never know when the good Lord will take them home to be with Him.Even when we know elderly people will pass away it doesn't make it any easier.God Bless You Sara!

    1. Sue, you are so sweet. Thanks for your kind words. I have learned a lesson. When we really love someone, and we remember them after they pass we are giving them the gift of true immortality. In my heart the ones I have loved and lost are as alive as they ever were. Someday we will meet again.


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