New Year Traditions

Do you have New Year Traditions?

I really don't have any traditions other than I like to be kissed at midnight... okay, well I like to be kissed at any time, but if I don't get a big sloppy kiss from someone at midnight I will pout for a long time. Ask my husband about this... someone is still remembering New Years Eve 1999, ringing in 2000. I wasn't old enough to drink so my husband (boyfriend back then) went out to a bar without me.  I didn't get my traditional smooch and I wasn't a happy camper.

I have been remembering New Years Eve's from the past today. Before we had a child we often went out to dinner together then wrapped things up at home, a few times we slipped away to a favorite hotel to ring in the New Year in romantic splendor.

My favorite New Years Eve celebrations have been simple.

 In 2000 my dear whisked me away, completely out of the blue for a New Year Escape to the Hampton Inn. We drank wine and went swimming, lounged in our room and watched movies, and just enjoyed the change of pace.

In 2008 we went for a late dinner at Red Lobster, then returned home to share a bottle of wine from my collection of prized bottles from a lovely vineyard in New York.

In 2009 I was pregnant with Rolf. We camped out on the sofa, dined on hummus and watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. That year we both fell asleep before midnight and woke up with our legs tangled together and our necks stiff from sleeping on opposite ends of the sofa. I got my kiss, but it was technically about 2 a.m. before we realized it was the New Year.

This year, Rolfie is already in bed. He woke up very early this morning and I really had to stretch to get him to stay awake long enough to eat dinner and sip Peach Kristin Regale with me. We crawled in bed with the Mickey Mouse toys my son carries around everywhere, we kissed the Mickey Mouse gang good night and cuddled. Rolf fell asleep in my arms and I hated to let him go! I wanted to hold onto to the moment forever.

I thought about having a Margarita made with Partida Tequila but the mood to drink has vanished. The husband picked up a 6 pack and that pretty much sums up the evening. I will be lucky to stay awake until midnight probably.

But, rest assured if I fall asleep before 12, my husband knows he had better wake me up and give me a kiss to avoid a pouty face Sara in the morning.


  1. LOL, Sara - I am exactly the same way. My husband and I have been together since high school and he knows to make sure every year that he kisses me as close to midnight as possible. One year he was away with the AF and had to call me at midnight to give me a virtual kiss.
    Happy New Year!!

  2. Since having kids I cant even stay up till midnight. This year we went to bed at 11:30 which is pretty late for us. We even let the kids stay up this year my son fell asleep before 11 I wanted him to see the NY fireworks on TV but he couldn't stay awake and my daughter fell asleep before 11:30. I think it really cute that your husband wakes you up to give you a kiss.

  3. Sara, this was too cute! But I agree with you - a kiss is needed to bring in the New Year - without's all down-hill!!

  4. I don't do anything on new years. As for resolutions I've given up. It's just another year older for me. Bumber ain't I?

  5. I can't stay up .. I get so tired

  6. I have three kids so staying up until midnight is not an option for me anymore. This year I did make it until 10:30 lol

  7. The one that I remember is 2000 ringing in 2001, my dad and now exstepmom both came upstairs at like 3 minutes til, then instead of kissing each other they gave me sloppy kisses on each cheek, one on one side, one on the other. Considering how sick I was back then I don't remember much, but I DO remember that, lol. I also remember telling them something along the lines of I'd rather have kissed the dog, lol.

  8. My parents really didn't do anything for new year's so I guess that's why I don't either. it's nice that others enjoy this time of year though.


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