Saturday #146

Saturday was cold and snowy, but that did not discourage us from heading out into the world for some family fun.

We opted to avoid Mansfield for the day and headed to a mall in Marion instead. My son knew what to do, he was ready to take his boots off and play! We enjoyed the indoor play area for an hour. My little one first wanted to slide, then he wanted to flirt with girls. Then he found a little boy with great hair. He followed the boy around petting his hair for a good 10 minutes. My husband and I could barely breathe we were laughing so hard. When my son got frustrated with the chase he settled for petting the little brother of the boy for a while. The parents of these children were equally amused.

When we were tired of play we took a walk through the mall and did a little shopping.

Then my son felt like he needed a milk shake. Who can refuse a little blond angel after a hard session of play?

While it might not have been the most exciting Saturday in the history of weekends, it was a fun one.
Seeing my son learn new things like how to climb the little fort in the play area, seeing him smile happily as he played, hearing him talk to the other children and laugh with delight made the day seem much sunnier than it really was.

Thanks for sharing Saturday #146 with me. How did you spend your Saturday? Did you fit in time for family fun?


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