Saturday #147

I nearly forgot my resolve to have a great family day, then I forgot to write about the day.

We had a rough morning on Saturday #147. My son had been cooped up too much that week as we had all been battling a terrible cold. He was just looking for trouble by Saturday.

We are also in limbo, possibly needing to move. We made an appointment to look at house, and we had an appointment to show our home. Showing your house while your family is sick is even worse than just showing it. Cleaning was treacherous. All I wanted to do was plop on the sofa with a quilt to whimper about the unfairness of being sick...

But, I didn't. I dolled up the kid and myself. We looked presentable, we smiled and we liked the house, genuinely. I guess it is a flaw of mine, but I like living in a variety of places. I don't stay put for long. All it takes is looking at a different house, or taking a trip and I am ready to pack it up and relocate. By Saturday night I was pricing dishwashers and curtains.

After looking at the house we took Rolf out for a treat, he earned a baby sized milkshake for his adorable behavior at the potential house. We had been nail biting nervous about that. 2 year old boys are unpredictable in new situations. Trust me on this. I know firsthand. My son wowed us with his charm that day.

We really didn't do much on Saturday #147. But, we were together, as a family all day. That is what counts.

In case you are curious, the house was not the one for us. Despite my enthusiasm on the house initially, I realized it just wasn't the right place for my family.

How did you spend your Saturday?


  1. Our Saturday also started off rough. I am sick and the baby is sick. But, we did end up going to Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum which was super fun.

  2. My family is sick too with a horrible cold. We built a cardboard play house Saturday and spent the day in doors :)

    Good luck on your house hunt!

  3. I spent my Saturday shopping and having fun with my family!

  4. Wow you're busy! lol
    I dont think I couldve done that while sick :P We had a bad cold going around our house too - and the last thing I wouldve wanted to do was see people!
    Having a family day is a great idea - we used to have a family game night with our son before our daughter was born and are trying to reinstate it!

  5. I love Saturdays! It is our day to spend together as a family because my husband doesn't usually have to work. Sometimes we don't do anything but hang out all day and I am ok with that!


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