Saturday #148

This morning I remembered my goal of meaningful Saturdays within minutes of waking up. I was cranky when I woke up, but quickly I put on a happy face and made the best of the morning.

I clean a lot, like most other Moms. I didn't mess with it too much today. I didn't worry about email either. I played with my son. I was on the floor playing trucks, at the table playing Sesame Street, in his room reading books. He wanted me near. I was more than happy to oblige his wishes.

He was content at one point in the day to share a chair with me at the table. He played cars while I read my book aloud to him. It was nice for both of us. He had the closeness to Mama that he needed, Mama got to sit down and read a book without pictures.

We stayed indoors, in pajamas all day long. We had pizza for dinner, which is my little boys dream come true. We took the day at a lazy pace and enjoyed our time together. It was very refreshing and it offered us an entire day to just enjoy each other. I was almost sad to see him go to bed.

Another Saturday in our lives. Saturday #148. While we didn't set out for a day on the town, we really had a great day. I would say this has been one of the best days I have had in a while. I think my son felt the same way, as he told me "Happy Baby!" quite a few times today.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy time with your family this weekend. I would love to hear about your exciting plans.


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