Saturday #149

On Saturday #149 my son and I began to wake up process around 6:30. The sun was peeking in the windows and I felt something on my cheek. I opened my eyes to see my son, touching my face and smiling. A blissful sight. I asked Rolf if he was smiling at me. He replied "Happy Mama." I can't help but smile too. Happy Mama indeed!

It was a sun drenched day in my corner of the world. The air had a chill, but the temp was  in the low 50's. We took a long walk along the B&O Bike Trail (Bellville section). We walked for quite a while. My son was exhausted at the end and needed me to carry him. I didn't mind. I think we walked too fast for his comfort level.

We saw a Dinner that was in a train- perfect for my son and his adoration of trains. Lunch it was, in a train. After that we made a trip to the Wetland Preserve near Ashland for a walk on the boardwalk. We were pleased to observe a baby beaver in the water.

I really wanted to make this day special for Rolf. We have big changes coming our way soon, and I am learning to slow down and cherish the time we have, just the 3 of us. All in all, it was a special day indeed. We all had fun, we exercised together as a family and took in the sights of the area.

I hope you had the chance to enjoy your family over the weekend. If you had a great time, please leave a comment and tell me about your adventures.


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