Saturday #151

We spent most of the day in the car, we thought about hitting up the Amish Country, as I really wanted to flea market it, but it doesn't open til Thursday for the season. So, we instead visited Rubbermaid in Wooster Ohio, then we went to some historical site (Ohio's only revolutionary war fort). Roo and I enjoyed a walk around the grounds while my husband checked out the site.

Not really exciting I guess, but that was all made up for on Sunday. We took Roo to see his first play. Our High School drama department put on Suessical the Musical at our little theater in town. Roo LOVED it! He clapped, he danced, he ate a ton of popcorn. He flirted with some teenage girls that were more than happy to coo over him for 90 minutes.

I was especially exhausted that day, more so than what has become normal in this pregnancy, but seeing the sheer delight on my little boys face really made the event worth it. I did manage to sleep most of the afternoon, evening and night which was great. I woke up Monday feeling fine and dandy.

Rolf has been a little angel lately. Sweet, loving, well behaved. He kisses my belly daily and is helping out around the house. He is my official laundry guy. He puts it in the dryer then loads the washer for me too. He will gladly throw anything you ask him to away. He is the guy to go to for handing out dog treats. I hope this is a sign that the terrible 2's are on their way out the door.

He has also made great improvements with speaking. A month ago I was worried about him. He just wouldn't talk. I started using a sing song voice when I speak to him as opposed to my normal voice. He will repeat almost anything I say if I say it in a sweet voice. My husband is very impressed. We can make almost every animal song, he is using multiple words together such as "Happy Baby" "Be Good Boy!" "I love you".

I guess it is phase that toddlers can go through. He was speaking great, then all the sudden everything became a grunt. Now we are back on track. We are so impressed and proud of him. To hear him talk to me again has lifted a weight from my shoulders. I felt like I was failing him somehow. Now I know, he doesn't like Serious Mama, he likes Sweet Silly Mama. He will talk to her at great lengths.

All in all the weekend was great. How did you spend your weekend? Did you have family fun?


  1. I am so glad you had a great time. Family time is important. Rolf is so sweet and I am glad that he is talking and so sweet and helpful. We are going to an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, hosted by Hyvee and then on Sunday my Dad and Stepmom always have an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.

  2. I didn't know you were expecting.Congrats! Your son may not be speaking at times because you're pregnant. Kids behavior changes when they know soon they will have a sibling and become jealous even before the baby is born.When you have your baby let your son help as much as possible so he doesn't feel left out.
    When my sister had my 2nd neice my older neice(her sister) helped wash her hair.Of course the nurse held her but it made my other neice feel important and needed.She's always helped with her but now they fight like sisters do.They're almost 5 and 9 yrs old. I call them the goofball sisters.They're so entertaining.Things will work out as they always do.I'm happy for you :)


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