Saturday #153

Saturday #153 I spent with my family, which means I accomplished my goal of a meaningful family day.
Rolf and I got up in the morning and took our walk. We came home to play in the backyard until we grew tired of waiting on my husband to wake up. We finally went to wake Mr. Sleepyhead.

We headed out to Killdeer Plains with the intention of having a picnic. We got out to the plains and saw a lot of wildlife, but we couldn't find a dry place for picnicking. We settled for sitting in the car and munching. rolf was delighted because he at in the front with Mama while Dad climbed in the back. We had a little lunch and tried another walk, but my dear son wanted to fight, and refused to hold hands which is never a good sign. We are not ready to turn him loose just yet, he has a way of finding trouble, as most little boys do.

We headed into the nearest city to do a little shopping. Nothing exciting but we needed things like diapers and cat food.

We continued our family fun time on Sunday. We hiked around at Lowe Volk Nature Preserve, we came home and cleaned the car out as a family, trust me when I saw it needed it after having our picnic in the car the day before. I convinced my husband to help clean the living room, and we had a nice dinner on the deck.

We spent most of the weekend outdoors where we enjoyed the nice spring weather. I look forward to the next weekend, although it is supposed to be cooler. We are anticipating a brief visit from my parents which will be fun for Rolf, a captive audience ready to spoil him rotten.

I hope you were able to enjoy time with the people you love over the weekend. As a reminder, I write this weekly post because you only get around 940 Saturdays with your children before they are ready to head off to college. This is a mostly self serving post so that I can record and remember how I spent the limited time with my son, but also it gives you a chance to get a glimpse into my life


  1. I look forward to these pots. Family time is so important and kids grow up so fast. I am glad you had a great weekend

  2. It sounds like a fabulous Saturday with the family....and so different from our South Florida Saturdays.


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