Saturday #154

We spent the day together as a family, but the day was less than exciting or action packed. That was fine by me. We ran a few errands together and went to lunch, came home and began the frantic rush of prepping for company. I clean everyday, I mean, dishes, laundry, picking up, running the vacuum and etc, but the reality is that you cannot tell I do anything. There is always another load of laundry to either put away or wash, more dishes to go in the dishwasher and a new mess to clean up.

Sunday we wrapped up the cleaning spree and my parents came to visit. We had a nice afternoon together they got to see my son in full swing. All in all it was a nice day. Rolfie was adorable, he used his shy baby voice for my parents, they played outside with him and volunteered that we could have his birthday party at their house. An offer like that cannot be refused! So they will get to spend another afternoon with the kid early in May.

Saturday #154 was mild, but I felt accomplished as I had my family together even if we were doing mundane things like straightening up Rolfie's room and hanging shelves. That is the goal, just to be together every chance we get on weekends.

I hope you got the chance to spend the day with your family and I hope you made the most of your time together. It is hard to believe that we get such a limited amount of time before our children are ready to head off to college. Only 940 Saturdays. I wish I had started this series earlier so that I would have a full record of our weekends together for Rolf when he is older, but I am glad I am doing it now!


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