Saturday #155

The Saturdays keep rolling by, faster than what seems possible. With a new baby on the way, I feel a sense of urgency to make the most of the 25 or so Saturdays we have as a threesome. I have a confession to make. I am happy to be preparing for a new addition to our family. I know that in the long run, giving Rolf the chance to be a big brother is a gift, but there are times when I feel guilty. I feel like I am taking something away from him when I realize how much a new baby will change his life.

On this Saturday I was ill with a headache most of the day, but I had to put on my big girl pants and face the day. It was cold, and snowing so our hopes of a day at the park were diminished, we went to the mall to use the indoor play area, but the mall was so crowded we could not even find a parking place. Instead we took Rolf out to lunch at McDonald's, which is a treat for him. We go to McDonald's much less than the average family.

From there I needed to pick up dog food, diapers,cat food, milk, oh, you know the essentials. So I told my sweet little boy he could have a new toy and a DVD. He selected a Percy from Thomas the Train toy and the Land Before Time DVD.

We headed home, I did a little cleaning and prepared dinner. Rolf had a bubble bath, and we all reconvened in the living room after dinner to watch Willy Wonka as a family. Rolf has never sat through a movie before without falling asleep, so my husband and I were delighted that he sat in my lap for most of the movie and happily watched it with minimal yawning.

This time I didn't make it to the end of the movie. I fell asleep on the sofa, when I woke at 11 p.m. Rolfie was in bed, and my husband was snoring away watching Comic Book Men. I still had a headache and general ickiness, so I brushed my teeth and climbed into bed with Rolf. We slept peacefully until nearly 8 a.m. and woke up happily, I was feeling much better too.

I am not sure what today will hold for my little family, but I am sure it will be fun, and we will spend the day together. Weather permitting I would love to get out for a walk with my guys.

I hope you had time together with your family. From the day our children are born until they are ready to leave for college or just to get out in the world as adults we only get about 940 Saturdays (and Sundays) this figure helps me to remember to spend every weekend doing something with my family, instead of dashing off on my own. As Rolf gets older, our weekend time will become less and that makes me cherish our time together even more.


  1. family time is so important. Time does go by really fast and the kids grow up.


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