Saturday #156

It seems like the weekend arrives faster each week, which is always a good thing, but it does make me sad to realize how quickly time passes by.

This Saturday we had planned to stick around the house and do yard work, but our electricity was out most of the day which was a good excuse to head out for a day at the Richland County flea market. We agreed to only take $30 along for the day, and wouldn't you know within 25 minutes of arriving my son had managed to sweet talk us into spending about half of it on him. He ended up with a book, despite our agreement that we do not need to buy more books until we buy an additional book shelf for his room (he has a library at this point that has hundreds of books in it). Then he found a Mater Truck he liked, a train and a van, a caveman, several dinosaurs, a puppet and a Star Wars toy before we made it down the first row of vendors.

Then we stopped to look at a robot, I was going to pass, knowing we would be out of cash before we saw everything outside, but the man at the booth said "Would this be for your little boy?" I said "Yes, he likes robots." The man smiled and said "Well, I would like for him to have it," he handed Rolf the robot. I said "Oh, you don't need to do that," Rolf hugged the robot and said "Love you," the man smiled and said "But, please, I would like to,".

It was a small random act of kindness, but it made my son very happy and the man assured me he was ready to pack it up for the day and this would make him happy too. It was nice to be reminded that there are kind people in the world that want no reward other than to see the smile of a child. This reminder was much needed, especially after stopping at a gas station in Mansfield on the way to the flea market and hurrying to leave as a huge fight broke out among a bunch of (no offense to anyone) low income hood-rats. My husband urged me to get in the car before they started shooting at each other, which was highly likely, considering the fight was apparently over the reality that one of them had stabbed someones girlfriend in the face over food stamps previously. Tempers were high and it was one of the situations you find in places like Mansfield that make me glad we moved away from there. It was not exactly what you want to hear about while you are pumping gas, or anytime really.

We enjoyed the stroll around the flea market, we found a great deal on Eukanuba dog treats which delighted our dogs, the find of the day was a Coach purse in excellent condition for $10. My husband urged me to buy it, as it looked great with my outfit.

After we were finished and out of cash we cruised through the town of Shelby and stopped at a park, where my son was thrilled to find a pack of little girls to play with. They would wave to him, he would smile and wave at them, then chase them around. It was very cute and he had a lot of fun.

Other events included the decision to move from a sippy cup to a regular cup. Rolf is doing great with the transition and has been very careful not to spill his drinks. My husband is amazed that he can handle the cup so well, but I have been working with him for a few months on drinking like a big boy. Rolf won't be 3 for 2 weeks, but he really is growing up fast.

I hope you had a fun weekend and managed to spend some quality time with your kids. It is hard to believe that you only get 940 Saturdays from birth until your child is ready to leave for college.


  1. I look forward to your Saturday posts. I am glad you had a fun day with your family

  2. How sweet is it that the man just gave your son the robot. I love that!! Sounds like a super great Saturday for the most part though

  3. I spent Saturday cleaning my house! My daughter and her family is coming in from Germany after 3 years. She will actually be here this coming Saturday! Really excited! I have a one year old Grand daughter I haven't met yet and a 4 year old granson I haven't seen since he was 1!

  4. My saturday started will, went to Amish country and came home with a bunch of goodies. But when I got home found out my husband had left the door open and our 5lbs chihuahua had escaped. After 24 hrs on the lamb, he is back home safe and sound!!

  5. I spent the day catching up with my kids as well. My youngest had a project to do for school that involved the whole family, a hot glue gun, and paint. I then spent my Sunday with my whole family and wash rags. But it was so worth it!

  6. Theresa: Last saturday was unfortunately a cleaning day :(

  7. I spent last saturday at my sons home and we had crab legs and steak for an early Mothers Day for me. Almost all my family was there. Good food - good fun : ) normally Saturday is a cleaning day and grass cutting day


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