Saturday #158

This was a special Saturday as we truly spent it together as a family, a big happy family that is.

We made the trip to my parents house where we celebrated Rolf's 3rd birthday with our family. My Grandma, aunts, uncles, my sister and brother in law, nieces and nephews, cousins and mother in law attended. We had a great turn out and a lot of fun.

We had a huge spread of food, cake and ice cream and a small bonfire for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Lots of family meant great company too. What more could you ask for?

My son was great, he was friendly, he interacted with everyone that attended. He fell in love with my dads lawnmower, he played, he ate a ton of junk and got some fun gifts.

It was really nice to spend the day with family. We left our house around 11 am, and we returned around 11:30 pm. Yes, it was a long day and we spent nearly 6 hours on the road, but it was very worth it.

Sunday we spent the day enjoying our son as a 2 year old for one last day, we took him to the toy store and let him pick out a few toys (he opted for a stuffed Goofy, a few cars and a bird whistle), then we went to Wal-Mart to return the barbie dolls that a relative thought would make a fun gift... (Another day I will tell this  tale...) Rolf found another car, chalk and a squirt gun he preferred to barbies, he is hanging onto his remaining gift card for a rainy day. Then we went out for dinner as partially his birthday weekend, partially mothers day.

We came home to play with his new toys and to relax a little.

On Monday morning, Rolfie woke up to lots of smiles from Daddy and Me. We sang Happy Birthday to him and the dog jumped in bed with him to shower him with kisses. I spent the entire day focused on him, I let the housework go as well as my business responsibilities. We played with every toy in the house, we made lots of messes and got filthy outside playing. My husband brought us home lunch on a whim and we showered Rolf with gifts through out the day. We had a nice lasagna dinner which he loved and followed it up with cake and ice cream. His day was amazing! He fell asleep happy that night!

So, that was a weekend in our lives. Saturday #158 was fun, special and out of the ordinary. It was enjoyable to say the least. I hope you had the chance to have family fun this past weekend as well. I would love to hear how you spent your weekend.

I write this post every week to keep track of how I spent the day with my family. There are approximately 940 Saturdays from the time your child is born until he or she is ready to leave for college. I hope you find ways to make them count!


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