Saturday #159

On Saturday #159 my family and I went to a park in a nearby city for a picnic and some play time. We tossed around a Frisbee  for a while then explored the playground. We had a nice walk together and enjoyed watching the little guy live it up. I basked in his cuteness. I was feeling enormous and my feet were very swollen that day, but I enjoyed the time outside in the sunshine with my family.

After our trip to the park we ran into Big Lots to find pool filters, we are anxious to set our pool up this weekend and spend most of our days in the water.

After that we drove in the country for a while and were rewarded with a sighing of a Bald Eagle, a quick scan of the area showed us their nest, complete with a few babies moving around inside. What a treat to find the Bald Eagle not far from our home.

We came home to see our dogs, and we all enjoyed dinner on the deck together.

It was a simple day, but it was filled with time spent outdoors together as a family.

It seems like the weeks fly by, and I am writing another post in the 940 Saturdays series before I know it. Each weekend is more precious as the time goes by, as our daughter Harper will arriving in the fall and our threesome will turn into a foursome. I am excited to meet Miss Harper, but I am also anxious to make the most of these remaining weekends with Rolf making memories before things change. I worry that while I am giving him the gift of a sibling, which he probably won't appreciate until he is much older, that I am taking something away from him at the same time. It will be very hard for him to adapt to sharing his Mommy with someone else. We have such a close relationship that he gets jealous of my husband and the pets when they get my attention.

I hope that you had the chance to spend time with your family over the weekend. As I get older I realize how fleeting our time together really is and how it should be cherished. Life is always changing and we never know what the next day will hold. Taking the time to hear my child laugh, to see him run and play and look happy, to see my husband holding Rolf's hand and teaching him to do things that only Daddy can teach, to just hold onto the moment is like a gift that I will cherish forever.


  1. sounds like you had a great Saturday. I look forward to your Saturday posts to find out what you guys did for the day.


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