Saturday #160

Another Saturday has come and gone too fast.

On this Saturday, we lounged around in the morning, no one felt much like doing anything, getting motivated was a challenge. I had been up most of the previous night, feeling bad about our turtle. My dogs sensed my sorrow and spent the morning at my side or in my lap, letting me love them. Our beagle is not a lovey dovey dog, so his closeness and having him draped in my lap meant a lot to me.

Finally we decided we needed to get out and about. Rolfie had a few things to return to Bed Bath and Beyond from his birthday, and we grabbed a few pool toys at Five and Below. What weekend is complete without a stop at Wal-Mart?

It was chilly for the end of May, but we decided we would go for a picnic dinner and play at the park. We grabbed a pizza and bread sticks and headed that way, Rolfie thought that was ideal. We ran, he played, he in general had a good time. We followed it up with ice cream from our favorite little local spot and came home to the critters, who were still feeling lovey.

We watched Life of Pi, but I fell asleep half way through it, I will resume where I left off this evening. Crying a lot always leaves me exhausted.

While the day was melancholy, we spent it together as a family, which means our goal was achieved.

Today (Sunday), we are just spending the day together, rearranging furniture and cleaning. This evening we will get the pool ready for the season. Tomorrow we will take Rolfie to a morning parade and maybe go to the Velvet Ice Cream Festival, or maybe just spend the day enjoying our time together as a family at home.

I hope you were able to spend time with your family this weekend.


  1. I am really sorry for the loss of Fernando.At least you got out of the house for a little while and still enjoyed family time

  2. Was "Life of Pi" what made you cry? I wanted to Redbox it soon, but now I'm not so sure I feel like bawling. ;)

    1. Oh no Donna! Life of Pi didn't make me cry! One of my pets died this week and I just took it really hard.


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